10 Aging Frustrations And How To Survive Them

While it is a fact of life that every one of us gets old, aging can still feel like a blow for some people. After all, aside from losing the physical beauty and vigor of your youth, it can be frustrating to be restricted from the things that you used to do.

However, we don’t have to be totally helpless about living life’s latter stages. With the right knowledge and outlook, aging can become not only tolerable, but even memorable for you and your family. Read on and know how to deal with 10 aging frustrations including hair loss, sagging skin, forgetfulness, and so on.

Greying Hair

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Hair Loss

While thinning hair comes with age, there are different factors that can hasten or aggravate hair loss. These include genetics, underlying diseases, medications, hormonal changes, stress, nutrients deficiency, excessive hair styling, and so on.

If you are starting to be alarmed with the volume of hair that you shed, consult your doctor on the root cause of the problem. Once you have determined the cause, you can start finding the right hair loss treatment that will suit you best — from concealing your bald spots to taking prescription drugs to undergoing hair restoration.


Forgetfulness, which is an otherwise normal thing, can be alarming when it starts to happen at a progressive pace. Whether it’s forgetting a name, a conversation or things like where we placed the remote control, it can get exasperating to try to remember things.

Strive at all times to focus on the present so that the information gets better impressed on your memory. Also, let tools and technology help you. Put sticky notes on your fridge so you know what you need to buy. Set alarms for your tasks. Consider getting a home automation system to do the job for you.

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Problems With Vision

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According to WebMD, most people start needing reading glasses in their 40s. This is because of the eye lenses becoming less flexible over time. Night vision and visual also start to decline and you can also expect glares in your vision in your later years.

Make a trip to your eye doctor as soon as you notice something off with your eyesight. This will help you get the correct treatment soon. Also, take it easy with screens like the television, computer, and cellphones.

Onset Of Menopause

Blame it on the decreasing estrogen levels, you will have to face mood changes, irritability, anxiety, fatigue, and so on. Fortunately, you can manage these symptoms by switching to a healthier lifestyle. Make time for exercise and meditation. Eat healthy food and drink more water. Strengthen your bond with your family and friends. If all else fails, see your doctor.

Keeping Up With Technology

Even the average person can be intimidated with learning how to use a new gadget. Also, the fact that technological innovations grow at an exponential pace does not seem to help people who already find it hard to cope with highly technical matters.

While we sometimes need help from younger people with a better understanding of how things work, there are times when you think you can detect frustration in them, which could be just unintentional. With this, opt for user-friendly devices and keep the instructions and/or manual on hand until using a certain technology becomes second nature to you.

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Diminished Physical Capability

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You may no longer be as fast, agile, and strong as you used to be in your earlier years. However, instead of lamenting it, now’s the best time to pay more careful attention to your body. Keep tabs on the medical tests that you should have on a regular basis. Whip up hearty meals that meet your dietary needs. Get enough sleep. More importantly, get help when you need it. Think of it as a way of starting to repay your body for all the hard work it has endured to get you where you are right now.


Let’s face it: we will all have to deal with the financial burdens of adult care sooner or later. With this, start getting your retirement funds in order as soon as you can. Also, depending on your circumstances, prepare to have that talk with your family. Discuss your budget, available resources, and what you think will be best for all the concerned parties.

Wrinkled And Sagging Skin

It could be crow’s feet, turkey neck or wrinkled skin in general. Whatever it is, some of us freak out at the earliest sight of aging skin. Fret not. Aside from the option of going to your doctor for cosmetic procedures, you can certainly improve your skin’s appearance and texture by taking better care of it. Look for products that will deliver the nutrients that your delicate skin needs. Eschew vices that harm your skin like smoking and excessive drinking.

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Hearing Loss

If you find yourself tired of having to ask people repeat themselves or if you have ringing in your ears, you could be experiencing age-related hearing loss. MedlinePlus of the U.S. National Library of Music says that different factors contribute to this process such as heredity, exposure to loud noises, smoking, medical conditions like diabetes, and certain medications.

Consult a medical professional as soon as possible. He or she will conduct a complete physical exam so you can arrive at the best solution for your problem.

Growing old does not have to mean being burdened by aging frustrations. Start with a healthy acceptance of this natural life process and the rest will follow. You will find a host of great options that will complement your positive mindset. At the end of the day, it is not all about merely surviving aging — it should be learning how to age gracefully.

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