Get Your Skin In Shape Without Plastic Surgery

We all want to have perfect skin. Unfortunately, in spite of our better efforts, life tends to get in the way of that goal. Diet, sleep quality, environmental factors, these all play a role in the overall quality and health of our skin. Then, of course, there’s aging: the beast that will thwart even the most meticulous of skin care routines.

As we age, our skin gets looser and starts to sag. Our muscles shift and our bones settle. Stretch marks happen to accommodate these shifts and settles. Cellulite crops up seemingly out of nowhere. Our skin puckers and dimples and hair starts growing in some really weird places that, frankly, we’d all rather it not grow. We can’t do a whole lot to stop the aging process, save for trying to be as healthy as possible.

That does not mean, however, that there aren’t measures we can take to repair our skin and to keep it as healthy and as young feeling (and looking) as possible. Here are some techniques that you can use for a variety of issues that pop up as we age.

Stretch Marks

Save for plastic surgery, there is no single method that will definitively erase stretch marks. There are, however, things you can do to minimize their appearance and camoflage them a little bit. For example, if you’ve been trying to exercise them away, be careful! Excessive exercise can actually exacerbate and cause stretch marks. Instead, switch to a healthy work out routine that will work your whole body. It’s also a good idea to eat a diet rich in “skin healing” ingredients like vitamin E, protein, and fatty acids. WebMD recommends applying a gel made with onion extracts and hyaluronic acid daily for a few months to reduce the appearance of stretch marks. They also suggest, if the marks are particularly problematic, to ask your dermatologist for a retinoid prescription speed up cell turnover and collagen production.


Ah, cellulite; the dimpled and “pocked” skin that plagues all of us at some point or another. The best way to treat cellulite is going to depend on the type of cellulite you have, says Scientific American. There are medical procedures that involve using lasers to break down the fatty deposits in your skin and reduce the appearance of the bumps and pitting. Depending on the stage of your cellulite, you might have to repeat these processes regularly for a long time.  Before you jump in front of a laser, though, try a few natural remedies. For example, eating a low fat diet and getting a lot of exercise is imperative in preventing the formation of cellulite in the first place. It is also a good idea to switch to a standing or walking desk–the “cottage cheese” around your thighs and backside are likely from spending too much time sitting.

Mouth Wrinkles

As you age, your gums start to recede. This means there isn’t enough pressure pushing against your lips for the skin around your mouth to pinch and pucker as it “falls.” While you can’t do a whole lot, good oral hygiene can prevent the gum recession that causes mouth wrinkles, says AngelLift, you can work on the muscles surrounding your mouth so that the skin stays smooth. One way to do this, says AngelLift, a company that specializes in anti-agingand facial skin rejuvenation techniques, is to use inserts to keep the mouth in its original shape and help build muscle so that your lips won’t be as dependent upon your gums for their shape.

Age Spots

We all have that moment. You know the one: where you glace at your reflection and think “hey, when did I get freckles?” Then you look closer and realize that you haven’t spontaneously grown freckles. What you’ve got are those dreaded age spots. Luckily there are a lot of ways to naturally reduce the appearance of age spots that won’t require expensive products or treatments. Lemon juice, aloe vera, and apple cider vinegar, for example, are all proven ingredients to “fade” those spots away. Making sure to stay hydrated and out of the sun are also important techniques. And, of course, you’ll want to have a really great skin care routine.

Unfortunately, nobody has found a way (yet) to totally reverse the aging process. We are going to get older and our bodies are going to change along the way. Those changes can result in some pretty embarassing skin conditions, but luckily there are some things that you can do to reduce those conditions’ visibility. The techniques shared here should help you do that.

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