5 Ways Music Benefits Children

Today, music is everywhere you go – appearing on television shows, in advertisements, as background noise in shopping centers, and on our phones and radios. No matter who you are, music has the capacity to impact your mood – but the power of music goes much deeper than you may think – especially for children. Research has shown thatmusic training can help to enhance brainpower in children, implying that playing an instrument and studying rhythm can offer substantial advantages – from better self-esteem and social skills, to a boosted IQ.
Music can ignite all areas of child development: motor, language, literacy, emotional, social, and intellectual – encouraging the body and mind to work together. Following are just some of the ways that getting creative with an instrument could be beneficial to your child.

1. Increased IQ

Starting with perhaps the most obvious choice – musical training at an early level encourages the developmentof various areas of the brain– thereby promoting a higher IQ in children. In 2004, a studypublished by E. Glenn Schellenbergdiscovered a small but noticeable IQincrease in children given weekly piano and voice lessons. In his research, Schellenberg found that children given music lessons over the course of their time at school regularly tested higher than other groups. What’s more, a study published in 2007 confirmed that students within elementary schools delivering better programs for music education scored around 20% higher in math standardized tests, and 22% higher in English compared to schools with poor music programs. The scientists involved in these studies believed that the concentration required in music training translates to the focus needed during standardized tests.

2. Enhanced Verbal Intelligence

Just as it has an impact on overall IQ, studies have foundthat music training in early child development can help to improve performance in the area of verbal intelligence too. Research indicates that regular musical training can assist in developing the left hemisphere of the brain – particularly the area associated with processing language. Such information suggests that music has a clear impact on cognitive improvement, language, and attention – leading to significant implications for the future of child education and development.

3. Better Social Skills

For children of preschool age, music can be a dynamic learning experience that encourages them to improve their social skills. By making musicin a group setting– children learn how to work together as a team while contributing their own efforts to the creation of something artistic and expressive. Music lessons and group performances help children to understand that they can improve something by contributing their own specific sound – underlining the importance of teamwork and personal growth. At the same time, they discover more about sharing, cooperation, compromise, concentration, and creativity – all skills which can be crucial as they progress into school, form new friendships, and face new challenges.
4. Heightened Self-Esteem
Musiclessons provide a valuable forum in which children learn how to give and accept constructive criticism. Discovering skills that help transform negative feedback into a catalyst for positive change is a great way to build self-confidence. In particular, group lessons often help children to understand that no-one – including their peers and themselves – is perfect, and everyone can always find space to improve. This improved self-esteem is transferable to other areas of life, and as a child’s musical skills grow, they will develop a personality that helps them to stand out from the crowd.


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5. Refined Patience And Discipline

No child will pick up an instrument and instantly play like a professional. Because of this, musical lessons teach children about delayed gratification – before you can make the sound you want you have to learn how to hold the instrument, which motions produce which notes, and so on. Playing an instrument teaches children theimportance of perseverancein the effort to meet their goals. Whether engaging in private lessons which require a significant level of focused concentration, or participating in group sessions, children develop their disciplinary skills. What’s more, in group lessons, young musicians learn to show respect, be attentive, and hone their patience.

Children Thrive On Music

The number of beneficial relationships between music and child development is growing every day. Research has found casual links between musicand spatial temporal skills– helping kids to visualize the elements that should be placed together to solve a problem and be creative in their solutions. In all of the research conducted, there has been no downside to bringing music and children together. Whether it’s enjoying the peace and pleasure derived from a beautiful piece – or gaining new skills in language and society – music can enrich the lives of everyone it touches – from children, to the people who care for them.


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