How Tea can Help You to Lose Weight

Obesity is one of the many health problems that are rampantly arising. It is one health hazard that is very hard to deal with. This is the reason why a lot of people are looking for that one best way to cure obesity.

You might want to try the supplements and pills that are being sold like fishes in the market. But how sure are you that it works? How do you know if it is safe?

Green Tea is just one of the many kinds of weight loss tea being offered in the market to fight obesity; and here is the “no-nonsense” truth behind this product: Some of the Japanese researchers assume that a person who drinks and an average of five (5) cups of this weight loss tea every single day would have a bigger possibility to burn seventy (70) to eighty (80) extra calories. This is because these green tea drinkers are undergo a certain process called thermogenesis whenever they drink a cup of it. Thermogenesis is a process of producing heat within organisms. Green tea or weight loss tea contains caffeine where much of this thermogenesis process is rooted. Another source of thermogenesis in green tea aside from its caffeine content is the epigallocatechin gallate or better known as the EGCG.

Considering all these facts about great weight loss tea, burning an extra 70-80 calories each day is not even close to the amount of calorie that needs to be burned per day to achieve a weight loss of one (1) pound per week. Moreover, it is not quite enough to lose several inches in your waistline each week as some green tea advertisement persuades the consumers. You may choose to include five (5) cups of green tea in your everyday diet and still you will not achieve your desired figure. The truth is doing this ritual alone will just let you lose a single pound in 43 days or approximately a loss of eight (8) pounds over a year. Drinking green tea may aid you in losing weight but drinking green tea for weight loss alone will not do all the works and bring you to the edge of your expectations.

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Drinking green tea for weight loss alone will surely not reach your satisfaction since the results are not that significant. This type of weight loss tea acts as an aid to lose unwanted fats and extra pounds but never the main key to a sexier body. It somehow serves as a catalyst. But still the main key to achieve your desired weight is to maintain a good eating habit or a good daily diet and of course to engage in a regular activity like aerobics, yoga or other form of exercises.

Even though it was proven that green tea is not the main key to shed off those fats and extra pounds, it is still advised and highly recommended to make it a habit in including green tea in your daily diet not just because of the extra calories burned and as a metabolism booster, but because of the many other proven health benefits it can bring.

Some of these other health benefits are the following:

1. Green tea helps to prevent the continuous growth and spreading of cancer cells. Japan is one of those countries who has a very low population of cancer patients and maybe drinking tea is one of the reasons why.

2. Green tea prevents the formation of diabetes. It stops the breaking of too much sugar thus preventing it to be absorbed by the blood stream.

3. Helps to prevent cataracts.

4. Green tea is very efficient when it comes to thinning of blood. It works like aspirin. IT can actually serve as an alternative medicine for those who need to thin their blood on a daily basis.

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5. Green Tea is very rich with antioxidants. Aside from the fact that antioxidants keep our body cleansed, they can also prevent the attacks of arthritis.

Keep in mind that gaining and losing weight should not just be blamed over the foods that we intake but also from the way we live our lives.

By Karen Cole for the Healthy Moms Blog Magazine

Author Bio:  Karen Cole is a 40 years-old woman, living in Philadelphia, United States. She resides  with her husband and child. Karen is  the creator and editor of the healthBenefitsAdmin, an online magazine, where she writes about her life, and why she finds healthy living important. Visit for more information about Karen.

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