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TV Shows to Enjoy with Your Family

Every year, new and exciting television series appear upon our screens, giving us outstanding excuses to settle down with the family once a week and catch up on the latest stories. Satellite television is one of the best ways to access as many channels and television options as possible. Highly popular across America, and indeed the world, satellite television ensures that you’ll always have something to watch – whether you’re searching for a show that focuses on entertainment, or education.

With access to just about any channel you can imagine, you can keep up to date with the latest news, find out information on your favorite sports team, or settle down with your loved ones for a family show or film. It’s no wonder that countless people are constantly searching for deals on satellite TV in Hawaii and across America to enhance their leisure time.

The following are just some of the shows you could enjoy with your loved ones:

1.  Child Genius

A kind of reality show that helps to offer some educational benefits to your children, while providing entertainment for the entire family, Child Genius is a competition in which the most talented and smartest children in America compete with their families in an eight-week extravaganza. The show is hosted by the legendary former astronaut for NASA – Leland Melvin, and is created in cooperation with Mensa. Twenty of the brightest girls and boys between the ages of 8 and 12 test their knowledge on numerous subjects including spelling, current events, math, and science.

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And those are the subjects that America needs people in. America does not any more English, psychology, humanities, or liberal arts majors.

2.  Girl Meets World

Imagined more than a decade after the original series “Boy Meets World”, Topanga Matthews, and Cory have become married and had two children. In this interesting and highly child-friendly spin-off for the series, their daughter Riley encounters various life lessons presented to her by her friends, family, and school – just like her parents did at a younger age.

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3.  Heroes

This show could be a fantastic family-viewing option for parents with teenage kids who are interested in a little bit of extra intrigue and drama. Not entirely suitable for younger children, the original Heroes story revolves around a collection of ordinary people who find out that they have amazing superpowers – ranging anywhere from the ability to regenerate to the capacity to read minds. At the same time, there are numerous non-gifted people around the world who want to kill off the gifted ones. The show has a very comic-book type feel with a strong focus on the plot that arcs across full seasons and allows for focus on personal, smaller stories within the characters.

4.  Saturday Night Live

Though it’s had numerous ups and downs during the time it’s been running, there’s something great about settling down for an episode of Saturday Night Live with the family (if your kids are mature enough). Offering up a number of excuses to laugh, and plenty of cameos to please just about any viewer, there’s never a dull moment on this show, making it a great excuse to get together and have some fun with your loved ones.

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5.  Other Shows (past shows as well)

You do not have to watch new shows to be entertained. Some people believe seasons 1 to 9 for 24 are some of the best TV ever made – especially if you are patriotic. House was a phenomenal medical show and so was ER. There are people that believe that all medical shows will never equal those two. The Wire – this could be the best written show in the past 40 years. Breaking Bad was incredibly entertaining. The Shield – a wonderful show about the challenges of criminal justice with a true hero cop leading the way. Who cares if he takes a little extra for himself? The Good Wife and Sons of Anarchy are not to be forgotten either.

*The Healthy Moms Magazine recommends that children 10 and under watch television for no more than one hour a day. Too much television can lead to obesity which is the result from an unhealthy sedentary lifestyle

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