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The Healthy Moms Magazine is actively seeking individuals who have made a difference in the lives of children, in the health and fitness industry, and in the lives of women for an all new feature column in our online magazine.

If you or someone you know has published a book, won an award, has an outstanding blog, or just made a difference in some one’s life, we encourage you to visit our Get Featured page for more information. We want to share inspiring stories and recognise accomplishments.

For those who own a small business, a blog, or have a published book, being featured on The Healthy Moms Magazine will give you a boost to your PR in order to gain those extra customers, fans, readers and followers.

If you don’t want to be recognised for an achievement you can also be featured in the form of a guest post. Your post will be shared on all of our social media channels and reach our audience of over 30K readers.

The Healthy Moms Magazine averages between 80-120K page views a month. Most of our readers are young moms residing in the United States. We want to feature you today! Visit: healthymomsmagazine.net/get-featured for more information.

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We Want to Feature YOU!
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