Simple and Fun Tips to Save Money

Saving money is definitely not one of the first things that come to our mind then asked what fun activities are? It is usually very hard and takes a lot of time and effort. But I just found some super easy and super fun ways how to save money! Want me to share it? No problem! Bellow you will find it all! So use it a much as you wish and finally have fun and be able to save some dollars!

Create a small garden

You can have a lot of fun, great time and actually save some money if you start growing your own herbs, vegetables, and fruits! And it doesn’t mean that you must have a garden at your home. Sometimes a few pots in your kitchen can be a great mini garden as well! Plant chilies, tomatoes and absolutely everything else you might consider being handy for you. And save money because you are growing most of the things by yourself! I can ensure you will be enjoying it for long!

Get a special jar

This tip is really fun and it will actually help you to improve your habits as well! Get one big jar and label it with one bad habit you and your family members wish to remove from their lives. It can be everything you wish for: from swearing, eating junk food, or just not making your duties at home. Every time someone does that bad thing – ask them to put a dollar bill there. After some time, you might have a nice stack of cash and end that bad habit for long. So – definitely try this out with your family and you will certainly save money!

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Start couponing

Couponing is also very fun, and it also lets you purchase stuff incredibly cheaper. You can make a great hobby out of it and start looking for the best coupons for you too. Since the coupon craze is still quite popular these days, you can definitely find it everywhere you go shopping or just looking for it online.

Hit garage sales and thrift stores

Probably the funniest way how to shop is to dig something that is very unique, one of a kind and actually cost silly small amount! And all those garage sales your neighbors do or those thrift stores around your town are definitely a great place to get the desired item at much smaller cost. So if you need a new dining room table or bookshelf, instead of buying new, look around at local garage sales. Maybe you will find something amazing that can work. Or just go to thrift stores there you might find some great vintage pieces as well. So hit the right places and have fun thrifting!

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