Think Clearly with the Think Board

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Not enough room to organize your thoughts and ideas? Need a shopping list for the fridge? How about a new family calendar? Or maybe a simple excuse to let your kids draw on the walls!? Think Board transforms any smooth surface into an expansive dry-erase surface!


Think Board lets kids, as well as their parents and teachers, write about anything on a clear, reusable, removable vinyl adhesive film that they can use on a desk, wall, table, refrigerator, or any other smooth surface. It was featured (8/26/15) on The TODAY Show “Fuel for School” For Back-to-School or Back-to-College, the Think Board sparks students’ creativity, stimulates thinking, and facilitates problem solving. Unlike stationary, heavy white boards, Think Boards can be used anywhere. For more information visit:

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Think Clearly with the Think Board
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