Children’s Book Helps Kids Cope with Difficult Transitions in Their Lives

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We all go through difficult situations throughout our lives.  Whether it is a loss of a loved one, divorce, a job change or a move across the country, these life changing events can cause a lot of stress.  Most adults can cope with stress in a positive way and we move on. But, children may find it harder to deal with the stress caused by a drastic change in their lives.  Mother and Daughter, Carlie and Kimberly Brown from Ontario Canada, decided they needed to give back to others who are going through difficult times.

When Carlie’s daughter turned three, grandmother Kim gifted her a fairy door.  This inspired Carlie to combining a children‘s book with a fairy door.  At the time, their family was going through difficult times and this project was their joy and happiness when they needed it most. A Very  Fairy Door Book helps children get through difficult transitions in their lives, such as illness, overcoming their fears, helping with bedtime routines, as rewards for extra good behavior, encouragement and well wishes.

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The concept of the book is quite simple and enchanting for your children. When you place a fairy door to your child‘s bedroom a fairy will visit during the night.

“I wrote A Very Fairy Door after going through a difficult time myself,” explains Carlie, “overcoming cervical cancer.  This book really helped take my focus from a negative to a positive place. My daughter’s fairy door provided a way in which I could interact with her, to bring light into her life through a really dark and challenging time.”

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Carlie works at the Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario where she gets up close and personal to children and families going through extremely difficult situations.  Carlie and her mother just finished a successful Kickstarter campaign that raised enough money to provide over 55 fairy packages to the Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario.  Because of their successful campaign they were awarded Kickstarter staff pick and was featured as North Bay’s business of the month.

For more information about Carlie and Kim Brown and ,”A Very Fairy Door,” visit and their Kickstarter campaign at

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