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Bounce Back!
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We all fall off eventually, it’s almost inevitable.  Even elite athletes decide to binge on a pint of Ben & Jerry’s from time to time.  However, being that I’m not an elite athlete, I can only assume that’s what they do. But if I was, I would probably be guilty of that.  The point is, nobody is perfect.  Most of us learned that from our 2nd grade teachers.  And those who didn’t, had way too many gold stars next to their name on the board.

What matters most though when you fall off the wagon, is how good you are off the rebound.  Those who can bounce back the hardest are successful on the next try.  While others… well, they don’t bounce as well.  Nowadays “diet” is an ugly word.  We prefer the term, “lifestyle change.”  Because, the decisions we make regarding our health are to improve our life.  We eat nutritious food to live longer and feel better on a daily basis.  We live positively because it has a good effect on us and radiates to those surrounding us.  And of course, it also means the decisions are for life.

So doesn’t this mean we have our entire lives to get it right?  If we make a few bad choices here and there, it’s not the end of the world.  We have time to fix those mistakes.  A lifestyle change lasts for as long as we are on this earth.

I fell off.  I tried to bounce back and fell off again.  Lately that seems like a reoccurring theme for me.  I used to eat a fairly strict vegan diet.  Sorry… I mean, “live a vegan lifestyle.”  And then one day I didn’t feel like eating lentils and broccoli for dinner.  I wanted a cheeseburger.

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I also used to run A LOT.  So much so that I was a very cranky human being when I didn’t run.  And then I injured myself.  And injured myself again after that.  Running took a back seat for a long time while I rehabbed my body.

I’m slowly getting back into eating healthy.  I’m also running again (a little bit).  I have to say it feels amazing.  It also feels good to know that I can rebound when I fall off.  Holding one’s self to an extremely high standard is a difficult thing to do.  It can be quite stressful to keep that lifestyle going for an extended period of time.  Maybe it’s a good thing to fall off a bit to give ourselves a rest.  It reminds us that we are human, we have limits, and we make mistakes.  The trick is to bounce back up when you hit the bottom.  Then we can see how strong we really are.

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