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From my window I see melting snow on top of a muddy lawn.

From my window I see children‘s footprints and snowman making toys.

From my window I see middle class American homes where many memories are made.

OneLonelyLeafFrom my window I see the beautiful blue sky above God‘s creation.

From my window I see one lonely leaf on a nearly barren tree.

From my window I see Mr. Squirrel leaping from branch to branch.

From my window I count my blessings, and thank the Lord for this wonderful home, family, friends and freedom.

What do you see from your window?





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  • stevebethere , November 24, 2015

    Nice wintry photo we had snow here in London Saturday morning but wasn’t enough to settle 🙂

    Have a snowballtastic week 🙂

  • Cascia Talbert , November 24, 2015

    Our snowstorm hit on Saturday too, but it is supposed to warm up and melt by the weekend. Thanks for stopping by, Steve! Have a great week!

  • alissa , November 24, 2015

    It snowed in Nebraska last Friday. There wasn’t enough to stick to the ground for very long.

  • Oh My Heartsie Girl , November 24, 2015

    For some reason I could not see the photo, 🙁
    Have a great week!

  • Cascia Talbert , November 24, 2015

    I’m sorry you were not able to see the photo, Karren. What browser are you using? I’ll have to try to figure out what happened and fix it. Thanks for stopping by and leaving me a comment. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  • kristi , November 24, 2015

    Well, I still see a lawn. It isn’t covered with snow…..yet. Hope you and your family have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

  • Crafty Spices , November 24, 2015

    While we had some very good years living up North I am so happy that we moved south. Don’t miss the cold 🙂
    Have a nice Thanksgiving.

  • Cascia Talbert , December 3, 2015

    We lived in California for a couple of years and I loved the warmer weather there. But, the Mid West is my home and I wouldn’t want to live anywhere else. Thanks for stopping by, Crafty Spices. Have a great week!

  • Cascia Talbert , December 3, 2015

    Thanks! We did have a nice Thanksgiving. Thanks for stopping by, Kristi. Enjoy the rest of your week!

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