Japanese Cucumber Salad for Losing Weight

CucumberSaladCucumber is one vegetable salad item that is found throughout the world and is popular among all the people. There are many varieties of cucumber such as normal cucumber, greenhouse cucumber, pickling cucumber, lemon cucumber, orange cucumber and many others. The cucumber is used gainfully in reducing the fat and extra weight of the body owing to the following advantages of this green salad vegetable:

How it helps in losing weight?

  • Low calories

The cucumbers are low in calories and high in content of water which means that you fill up your stomach without adding any calories. This is great for losing weight.

  • Diuretic

Owing to its water retention quality it would help you to lose water that is one of the very common issues for the obese people.

  • Source of fiber. Fiber is very important for losing the weight. This will create a sensation of being full and motivate you to eat less. The fiber also helps in digesting the food that again helps in losing weight by improving the metabolism.
  • Nutrition. If you consider the nutrition content of one 8 inch cucumber we find that it contains 2 gms of proteins, 1 ½ gms of fiber, 5 gms of sugar, B6, K,C and A vitamins, foliate as well as potassium.

Japanese cucumber salad recipe

You can make the Japanese cucumber salad called Sunomono in the following way:

First you prepare the ingredients 300 gms of sliced cucumber, one tea spoon full salt, one third cup rice vinegar without sugar, one eighth tea spoon full stevia, two tea spoon full liquid Aminos, one fourth tea spoon full grated fresh ginger.

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The process

Prepare the cucumber by cutting it to thin slices. Put the cut cucumber slices in a bowl and sprinkle salt over it and leave it for half an hour at normal room temperature till the cucumber softens. Now drain the water in order to get rid of any extra salts. Now add the other ingredients such as ginger, vinegar, sugar and braggs into the serving bowl. Pour cucumber slices on it and mix it gently. Put the preparation in the freezer for chilling before serving it to the people.

Also, this recipe is being used by people who do hcg diet with the drops for losing weight. This recipe is from phase 2 of hcg diet.

Recipe Source: http://purehcgdietdrops.com/hcg-diet-phase-2-recipes/

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