Alluring Ways for Busy Moms to Look Glamorous


Being a mother is a never-ending chapter that any woman could open. Once a woman enters the world of motherhood, she can never escape the responsibility of taking care of her kids, her husband, and the rest of the household.

Time, this is what mothers are hungry for. A mom is like a superhero; she is too busy that she may no longer have time for herself. It seems that it is her responsibility to be in charge of what is happening at home: cooking the foods for breakfast, cleaning the dust off the counter tops in the kitchen, preparing her husband’s suit, picking up the scattered toys that her baby was throwing around.

If you are a mother and you are too occupied with house chores and work that becomes routine, you can reward yourself with a total makeover, and maintain your glamorous look without spending too much time and pinching your pennies. It does not only boost your self-confidence, but it can also WOW your partner. Here are the alluring ways to get back to the beautiful you even when you are a busy mom taking care of your family or at work.


Use Free Salon Software

With the advent of high technology, you can take advantage of salon software apps that you can download on your Smartphones and Tabs. With this tool, you no longer worry about your busy schedule, missing your appointment at the salon, or even forget to mark the date for a particular treatment. This tool helps you organize the little time you have more efficiently. Ever been in a mad rush only to remember a booking appointment too late? Now you have to go or you might face stern look from your Stylist on your next visit or worse, the salon might not be able to fill your slot and be forced to charge you for their lost time. These types of app help with that exact situation, reminding you of upcoming appointments in time for you to re-schedule or cancel with no fees. You won’t even need to call the salon manager as it is all handled within the app.

Keep Your Skin Moisturized

Putting lotion on all over your body does not have to take 10 minutes of your time! After taking a bath, make sure to apply lotion on your skin to keep your skin radiant and moisturized. Not only will it hydrate your skin but also give a refreshing scent that can make you feel pretty and confident all day long. Keeping your skin young and healthy means fewer trips to the spa, saving you both time and money.

Take a Night-time Bath

Pampering yourself with at least a 15-minute warm, night-time bath is not that time-consuming. When your little one is already sleeping, and when your husband is in bed, indulge the flowing presence of warm water that runs over your body. Match it with a cozy music and cloud-like bubbles that you can play with. This is a great way to relax and get rid of the pressure and tiredness of the hot day. Just resist the temptation to keep the hot water flowing and never leave. Set a timer, crack the spine of your favorite book and unwind. Relaxing regularly has benefits for not only your outside look but also your mental health.

On-the-go Cosmetics

Get ready always with your pretty pouch full of easy-to-apply make-ups such as a liquid foundation that does not melt easily, liquid cheek tint that can be easily applied on, and a lovely color of lipstick that don’t stick around. You don’t have to wear make-up as if you are going to a Masquerade party. Just these three are enough to keep your face pinkish and young.

Handy Face Wipes and Lip Balms

If you are too “busy” or too “lazy to put on a moisturizer or a facial cream at home, you can just simply carry with you a handy pack of face wipes. Face wipes can also remove your make up in no time so this is very useful if you are too tired to wash your face in the evening. Lip balm or lip gloss can keep your lips moisturized without you looking pale and dry. Most lip balms contain Vitamin E which hydrates your lips while sleeping at night.


Simple yet Fabulous Outfit

“Being simple is beautiful.” – you might have heard this quote. If you are a breastfeeding mom, you can shop for nursing clothes online. If you are toting around a toddler who quickly jumps, crawls, and runs, a comfortable shirt paired with yoga pant can suit you well. Remember, being sexy is not about the dress or clothes you wear, it is about how you wear it.

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Buns, Ponytails, and Headbands


Your 8-month-old baby probably loves to chew on or pull your hair. It’s a big OUCH. So you might consider having a new haircut and get a new hairstyle that can keep your nape sweat-free. But if you don’t feel like having short hair, try fixing it up with an elastic and create buns and ponytails. If your little one still loves to destroy your lovely hair, you can wear handmade braids secured with bobby pins or headbands. You can be a hairstylist on your own.

Get Enough Sleep

Sleeping at night for at least 8 hours straight is one of the most important things to do if you want to have a healthy body and state of mind. Getting enough sleep can regenerate your cells which can help you regain your energy so you can be ready for the next day.

Watch Your Diet

When you are multi-tasking, you might probably think of dialling a number and order a huge meal from a fast food chain or restaurant. Worst case scenario, you might just drop by in a convenience store and buy instant, junk foods. These foods are unhealthy and they can make you fat. If you want to look glamorous, just watch your diet and eat fresh,  healthy foods.

Keep Away from Stressful Thoughts

You know how tiring it is to keep a sweet home and raise your beautiful children, but it is not really stressful. Debts, financial crisis, issues between you and your husband, pressure from your work, conflicts with the in-laws – all of these are the stressors that you need to run away from. The only way to start getting rid of these negative things is to smile and believe that you will get by. A smile can make you look happy and young, and it will reflect on your gorgeous face. Remember to break it all into smaller manageable chunks, don’t overwhelm yourself by thinking of it as a mountain, rather than as a series of smaller tasks.

Despite your busy schedule and a tight budget, you can still reward yourself with me-time. After all, loving your family means loving yourself. If you keep yourself lovely, confident, and glamorous, it will reflect on the image of your family, and your image as a mom and wife. You will receive compliments and praises once you follow the steps above to keep yourself glamorous and yummy even when you are a busy stay-at-home or a working mom. Who knows, your friends who are first-time and soon-to-be moms can look up to you as their inspiration in keeping the beauty alive.

By Alex Morgan for the Healthy Moms Magazine

Alex Morgan – Currently studying in Dublin, Alex is a career writer, by choice! Versed in a number of subjects he mainly specializes in Beauty, health and fitness and gaming; of the video variety. He posts on a number of blogs and websites and harbors desires to begin a great novel, but struggles creating character names – Look for the epic fantasy “Tom the Barbarian” on shelves soon.

He can often be found on twitter under the handle @Al_Exical. He finds it comforting to talk about himself in the third person.

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