Combining Learning and Fun During Winter Break

Most schools will be letting out for winter break soon, with a break that generally ranges from a week and a half to two and a half weeks. Many families have holiday celebrations during this time, but it’s also helpful to have some ideas to keep your kids busy, whatever the weather is.

Even though it’s break, try not to let your kids’ sleep schedules get too far out of whack – school will be starting again soon, so staying close to a regular bedtime and wake time is helpful. And while it may be tempting to just let your kids do whatever they want over break, having a few activities in mind will help them keep their brains engaged (without being schoolwork), which can help keep them from getting bored or into trouble. Here are some ideas, whatever the weather.

Involve them more in meal planning. Let them plan out an entire meal that they can create themselves, that includes all the major food groups. For older kids, give them a budget and let them do the shopping too.

Check out your local museums. Now is a great time – they’ll be busy, but many will also be offering special events or promotions for non-school days.

Celebrate a winter holiday that isn’t part of your tradition. There are many holidays celebrated by countries around the world from November throukjirstenpullnatalisnowgh February, including St. Nicholas’ Day, Three King’s Day, St. Lucia, Diwali, Yule, Omisoka, or more. Even if they are outside of your faith tradition, it can help raise awareness and appreciation of other cultures. Or, find out how different countries celebrate the same holidays your family does.

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If your kids are creative, encourage them to put on a play for a small group of family and friends.

Get outside! Dress appropriately for the weather, but then spend time outside. Scavenger hunts are a good way to keep kids interested on a walk. Or just walk and talk about how things are different during different seasons.

Read together. Have everyone in the family read the same book, and then talk about it with each other.

Use this time off to create some extra family time. You don’t have to do schoolwork to make it a fun break filled with learning.

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