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Simplicity of Stillness Book Teaches you to Calm Your Mind with Meditation


Years of scientific research on meditation has revealed that this practice of concentrated focus upon a sound, object, visualization, the breath, movement, or attention itself in order to increase awareness of the present moment can help reduce stress, ease anxiety, depression and chronic pain.  In the new book, “The Simplicity of Stillness Method: 3 Steps to Rewire Your Brain, and Access Your Highest Potential,”  author and researcher Marlise Karlin teaches the reader how to rewire your brain to access your highest potential through meditation.

My oldest daughter was taught how to meditate while in therapy to treat her anxiety, and depression brought on by her autism spectrum disorder.  Her therapist showed her simple deep breathing exercises to calm her mind and get into a more relaxed state.  I’ve always believed in meditation to help with my own anxiety. But, I use my own form of it through prayer to Jesus, the Saints and our Blessed Mother. If you are not deep in your faith like I am, you can use secular methods of meditation as taught in this book.

Marlise Karlin provides stillness sessions to accompany her book.  “Stillness sessions are newly developed technology that transmits a vital life energy on carrier waves of sound.  These scientifically researched audio recordings of beautiful music and words activate deep peace and the flow of higher awareness.”

In order to access the stillness sessions you must visit the SOS method website at www.theSOSmethod.com/sos3audios, or scan the QR code found in the book.  Once you register as a user you have to enter the special code to access the audio tracks.

The three different audio tracks vary in length from nearly 20 minutes to less than 10. I love this because you can choose which one to listen to based upon how busy you are.

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The Simplicity of Stillness Method, explains in detail how you can use stillness sessions to improve your life.

“What SOS Does

The Simplicity of Stillness is a comprehensive method that activates advanced levels of healing Energy into your life.  It has the potential to heal depression, post-traumatic stress disorder (PSD), addictions, fibromyalgia and chronic illnesses in the following ways:

Brain: Imprints new neural pathways

Body: Releases blocked cellular memory in the body

Spirit: Activates Energy of higher prosperity.

Where it Comes From

The Simplicity of Stillness is synthesized from 20 years of study and research in Eastern wisdom and healing traditions, The New Science, and experiential learning.  Integrating research from a decade of case studies that evidenced mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual benefits has inspired new technologies to continually be developed,” – “The Simplicity of Stillness Method: 3 Steps to Rewire Your Brain, and Access Your Highest Potential,” by Marlise Karlin.

The Simplicity of Stillness Method book would make a great gift idea for anyone suffering from stress, chronic pain, anxiety or depression. You can purchase the book online at Amazon.com or anywhere books are sold.

*Disclosure: I received a copy of the book, “The Simplicity of Stillness Method: 3 Steps to Rewire Your Brain, and Access Your Highest Potential,” by Marlise Karlin in exchange for this review. All opinions are accurate and 100% mine.

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  1. Lady Lilith December 16, 2015

    Nice. Sounds like an amazing book. Looks like it is also amazing for gaining control of your life in genral.

  2. Cascia Talbert December 18, 2015

    I found it very helpful for controling stress and anxiety. Thanks for stopping by, Lady Lilith. Merry Christmas.