The 12 Days of Fit-mas!

12 Days of Fit-mas!1 Man Maker2 Tuck Jumps3 Burpees4 Sit-Ups5 Step-Ups6 Push-Ups7 Flutterkicks8 Jumping Jacks9 Glute Bridges10 Lunges11 Plank Ups12 Sprinter Sit-Upsmas!

It is December, which is exciting because that means that is  the Christmas season!  In our house we have been having so much fun with (simple) holiday crafts, movies, baking, hot cocoa, and a little giving back to the community by donating toys.  It has really been a wonderful feeling!

Many times we get so busy during this time of year, that our fitness and nutrition tend to fall to the wayside.  So, this home workout is in the spirit of the season!  It is quick, simple, and fun!  Set up like the 12 Days of Christmas you do one movement, then add the next one, then go back to the beginning and start again, until you get through it all!

12 Days of Fit-mas!
1 Man Maker
2 Tuck Jumps
3 Burpees
4 Sit-Ups
5 Step-Ups
6 Push-Ups
7 Flutterkicks
8 Jumping Jacks
9 Glute Bridges
10 Lunges
11 Plank Ups
12 Sprinter Sit-Ups

It goes like this, do 1 Man-Maker, then 1 Man-Maker and 2 Tuck Jumps, and then 1 Man-Maker, 2 Tuck Jumps, and 3 Burpees, then 1 Man-Maker, 2 Tuck Jumps, 3 Burpees, and 4 Sit-ups… etc until you get to 12 Sprinter Sit-Ups.  Enjoy! I would love to know how it goes!

About the Author:  Mandy Skinner is the author of the ebook PB&J and Push-Ups: The Busy Mom’s Guide to Diet and Exercise, as well as the Soccer Mom with Muscles blog.  She is also the Fitness Editor for Healthy Moms Magazine, as well as a contributor to Big City Moms. She is the proud mom of two, Sean and Sarah, as well as a Personal Trainer and Nutrition Coach devoted to living healthy and happy.  In addition to her athletic endeavors, Mandy is a constant advocate of healthy and active living.  

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