The Importance Of Mental Wellbeing For Women And Children

Mental illness affects men and women in different dimensions because of various social causes which affect women. Their physical and psychological factors play considerable role in placing women at a greater risk of poor mental health as compared to men. Alongside, children are the future of a country and a generation. In order to grow up to their full potential, it is imperative to render them with a life filled with positive experiences and inculcate their willingness to exercise their sense of right or wrong.


Women and Children – Why is it important to care for their well-being?

Traditionally, women have cared for the wellbeing of their family for time immemorial, often advising the family members on what they should eat or how they should combat various difficult situations. However, at the end of the day it has been observed that women carers are the ones who end up suffering from anxiety and depression as they often hardly have anyone to share their feelings with. Women, especially in their mid-life are equally prone to suffer from poor mental health conditions because of their juggling career and family commitments combined with various physical ailments.

Similarly, numerous children have to deal with hatred, mistrust, resentment and anxiety from an early age owing to numerous factors. They battle their childhood trying to cope with their emotions which affects their studies, self-esteem and consequently, the process of growing up.

How to tackle mental disorder?

Rendering social support to women is one of the biggest aids to mental wellbeing. A strong social support comprising of friends and family often helps sail women through difficult times and prevent mental ill health. Also, women are most likely to talk about their mental unhappiness and reach out for support as compared to men. Children’s emotions on the other hand, should be delicately handled. Children are constantly evolving with every passing day. They experience transformations in their thoughts and feelings frequently. Their confidence needs to be won first hand and they should be guided on how to deal with their negative feelings so that it does not affect them. Love, trust and respect and the three major ingredients in securing a child’s early years.

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If mental problems persist, professional help should be sought. Numerous mental disorders such as anxiety, autism, bi-polar disorder and attention deficit hyperactive disorder (ADHD) generally affects children more often than one would know.

The Age of the Mental Health Software

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