The Universal Truth of New Motherhood


The journey of motherhood is unique for each woman. Most women have experiences that are usually not the same as others. This is the uniqueness of motherhood. Baby forums, for example, are getting more popular as mothers ask questions and share experiences. Notably, most mothers have similar issues and questions regarding their children. For example, sleep issues are common questions for most of the mothers. Somewhat, experiences for varied mothers may differ. There are some universal truths regarding motherhood as in the discussion below.

Love for Your Child

While you feel passion and love for your child, you will also feel this passion and love when your child is sleeping. Thinking of the universal truth compares this experience with getting a doll. Dolls are comparable to sleeping babies. They are alike as they are still and resting but are different in that the doll is lifeless. They are like the same thing. The other thing is that unlike a child, you can leave the doll unattended or even in the car comfortably without worry.

Dirty Diapers and Spitup 

Though you feel disgusted at the site of other babies stinky diapers and other foul messes.  The experience is different if you are dealing with your child. At first you might not want to change your baby’s diaper. This is an experience for most of the mothers according to baby forms by the media. You find them disgusting. But when it comes to your baby, there is a difference. You will handle the smelly diaper and spit-up without an issue. This can be because of the love for yourbaby and the closeness/bond you have with your child.

You will do whatever you have got to do to get by

 Most new mothers choose to co-sleep. Mothers stumble into the nursery hoping to get the baby to sleep and later find themselves sleeping next to the baby. Sometimes the essence is to get the baby to sleep is by breastfeeding. Anything can happen while breastfeeding. Some instances are embarrassing, but you can do anything to cope with motherhood. For this reason, mothers need to be always ready as anything can happen. The experiences require you to remember that things have changed and that you are now a mother. Though this is hard for most mothers, it is achievable as one can use social support from friends.

You have less free time when you have a baby

Some mothers tend to think that it is easy for them to do this. This is so for those who have not been mothers yet. Otherwise, most of the mothers can give their stories and experiences to let you realize how hard motherhood can sometimes be. Most mothers have visions and projects they feel they need to work on after having their babies. Somehow, it happens that after having your baby, you have to stay away from these tasks for some time. You will later come to senses and realize what a mess everything gets when you are away for the sake of the baby. Baby breastfeeding and napping can take a lot of time and eat up time in the plan for other things.

Meeting or Befriending Other New Moms is Challenging

Socializing and making friends with moms who have children at the same age as your own is sometimes very difficult. The group of new moms consists of different new people with new experiences. These experiences are most of the times characterized by emotional and hormonal changes. The effect of this is the difficulty to make friends and have someone who matches the characteristics of being a friend. Sometimes, these moms can majorly be under stressing conditions and circumstances. It is essential to find ways of successfully making a friend or a couple of them as you will need a friend. You need to have someone who helps watch the baby when you get a little busy. Friends are also essential when it comes to emotional and moral support. Friends to consult with and share experiences with are thus essential. Finding a mom who is close to your age can also be an issue that poses difficulties while trying to make friends. You need social support to avoid being a disorganized mother as some women have better lifestyle tips than you do. However, getting to make that one good and reliable friend can be more difficult than most of us think.


In a nutshell, there are some universal truths among mothers. Experiences are more likely to be similar for most mothers. However, the experiences can be slightly different for some mothers. Notably new mothers make friends with other new mothers as they need support. Social and emotional support is necessary due to the emotional and hormonal changes. The new experiences also call for new friends and way of doing things.

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