6 Movements to Prepare You for Labor

The act of conceiving a baby is often sweet that most people can’t resist. However, giving birth to that baby is a complex work for every woman. It requires perseverance and strength for them to be able to overcome because it involves a lot of pain especially when the baby is not at the right birth position. Exercise is not only good for the healthy body and keeping body weight in check but also for placing the baby in the right birth position. Undoubtedly, not all exercises are suitable for an expectant woman. There are specific ones that are medically approved to be fit for them. Given a chance, women would avoid giving birth due to the struggle they go through but the encouraging thing is that it all ends with a beautiful little angel that brings joy to them. If you do not want to struggle so much below are the movements that will prepare you for labor:

1. Taking a normal walk

Mothers, when you get pregnant, there is nothing like you having a bed rest and waiting for the beautiful baby to come smoothly. There has to be something for you to do as a contribution to the birth day when you will be ushering the new born to the world. Take at least 30-minute walk at you own pace every day to keep your muscles strong and maintain your body at equilibrium. This will ensure that the baby is at the right position and not leaning on one side.

2. Yoga

Yoga is a well-known exercise that can be done by anyone regardless of the age or any other kind of exercise barriers. It is a unique exercise that involves different kinds of movement and postures. The choice depends on the suitability and preference of an individual. Choose a suitable prenatal yoga to open the pelvis, strengthen your legs and give you the ability to endure. Some of the best yoga poses include squatting and worrier two.



3. Leaning forward

All these exercises are meant to reposition the baby on the right position and make work easier during child-birth. Most women always like leaning backward while they are relaxing and often demand their seats to be made in such a way that it leans backward. This makes most of them very comfortable, but the horrible truth is that the posture is very dangerous for the baby and can make delivery very difficult. You can consider kneeling on your bed and leaning forward with your hands supporting the body. Therefore, all women are always encouraged  to lean forward or sit in a straight posture. This might feel like a strain to them but the benefit is greater than they can imagine.

4. Stretch exercise

Stretch exercise is an exercise that works on the muscles and the joints. Pelvis tilt stretch is the most recommended for the expectant women. It loosens the pelvis and makes the back more flexible in preparation for the birth of the baby. The most appropriate time for this is during the third trimester when the baby is about to turn. This will allow the baby to turn comfortably to the right position.

5. Squatting

Squatting is one of the pregnancy exercises that can strengthen your hip muscles. I understand most of the women may not be able to do it comfortably on their own but what are you husbands for? Request them to support you while you squat. Squat to the sitting position and let your husband to support you in that position for some time. Then stand have a deep breath and repeat the same procedure three times each day.

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6. Weight lifting

Weight lifting may sound like a strenuous pregnancy exercise but the truth is that it is a very healthy. When we talk about weight lifting, it means those weights that she can support comfortably without straining. Sit down with your legs crossed together like in the yoga sitting posture. Carry weights of your capacity on both of your hands then lift the weights with the two hands moving in opposite direction. Do about ten alternating movements each day and you will be good to go.


Labor and delivery is not any woman’s cup of tea. If only there were ways to experience all these with no pain, every woman would adopt. Anyway women have accepted and concluded that they are paying for the mistakes the first woman did. However, you should not totally give up because there are ways in which these experiences can be made eased. The above movements during pregnancy can assist in preparing you for birth and labor too. Do not make your pregnancy period a time of rest irrespective of how much exhausted you will be feeling. Try simple movements.




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