7 Super Fun Ways to Stay Fit This Winter

7 Super Fun

Winter is here which means colder temperatures and shorter days, but that doesn’t mean that you have to stop being healthy and active.  There are many ways you can stay fit that are both effective and fun while the snow falls!

yoga-263679_1280Hot Yoga, or in its original form, Bikram Yoga, is done in a super hot room set to 104 degrees.  At this temperature the muscles become more warm and pliable, making them more capable of holding and extending into more advanced, complex poses.  Some people also feel as though the heat helps the mind and body relax, focus, and concentrate.  Looking for a way to stretch out and rejuvenate while getting in a great workout?  This is your jam.

CrossFit combines cardiovascular, weight training, and body weight movements for a high intensity, highly effective, and high fun workout.  Taught in a group setting, CrossFit can keep your competitive fires hot while the temps are cold outside.

Spinning is an indoor cycling workout, usually taught in an hour-long, group setting.  Set to the tune of feel-good, upbeat music, these classes are great for cardio work with special attention put on interval training.  Spinning classes can be challenging if you really push, but they are always super fun and motivating.team-771474_1280

Weight lifting is a great way to stay fit once you take your workout inside.  Keep your weights heavy and your rest light, and you can tone up and burn more fat than during your Summer runs!

At Home Workouts are great for when it is too cold to go out.  And it’s easier than you may think to get a great workout at home with no equipment.  You can find tons of free home workouts online, like those posted here, here, and here (this one uses Pandora to mix it up), or you can do videos.  Many people have seen great progress toward their weight loss goals utilizing workout videos like those from Jillian Michaels and the BeachBody program; both are fun and effective!

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snowboarders-245182_1920Skiing and Snowboarding.  Living in New England is awesome for Winter Sports, especially Skiing and Snowboarding.  It may look easy, but both can present a tough workout.  If you are looking to enjoy the outdoors and use some muscles you didn’t know you had, give ‘em a try.  Snowboarding too much?  Channel your inner child: Sledding is fun, too!

Running, as always, is a great way to stay fit.  And, just because it is cold out, doesn’t mean that you have to give up your runs.  If you choose to keep running outside through the winter, invest in some good running tights to keep the leg muscles warm and active.  Not one for the cold?  Me neither.  Take your run indoors onto the treadmill, up the speed or incline or both, and hit some intervals.

Endure the cold, Winter months by staying warm and fit with some of my favorite activities!  What are your favorite ways to workout when the temperature drops and the snow falls?

About the Author: Mandy Skinner is the author of the Soccer Mom with Muscles blog as well as the book PB&J and Push-Ups: The Busy Mom’s Guide to Diet and Exercise.  She is also the Fitness Editor for Healthy Moms Magazine, as well as a contributor to Big City Moms.  Mandy is the proud mom of two, Sean and Sarah, as well as a Personal Trainer and Nutrition Coach devoted to living healthy and happy.  In addition to her athletic endeavors, Mandy is a constant advocate of healthy and active living.  

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  • Lady Lilith , January 11, 2016

    I love my at home workouts. It is way to colod to head out.

  • Cascia Talbert , January 13, 2016

    I usually work out at home, especially during the cold winter months. Thanks for stopping by, Lady Lilith. Have a great week!

  • Sue , January 14, 2016

    I always wanted to take one of those spinning classes, I should look into that. Right now I do a lot of walking, still able to get out here, no snow yet, but a somewhat cold.

  • Cascia Talbert , January 14, 2016

    I’ve never taken a spinning class but they sound like fun. Glad to hear you are able to get out and walk. It’s been pretty cold here in Chicago. Thanks for stopping by, Sue.

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