8 Healthy Habits to Teach Kids

MomandChildParents have a lot of responsibilities on their shoulders when it comes to children. Often they tend to impose a lot of rules and restrictions in order to keep their children disciplined and away from trouble. Although the intentions are pure, the approach is often wrong. Parents should adapt the good habits themselves that they are trying to teach their children like getting up early and letting go of that cigarette. Habits take time to grow; especially if they are good ones. So one needs to be patient while dealing with their unruly children. The following eight habits should be taught to every child out there for their own benefit.

1. Enjoy Outdoor Physical Activities:Not every child would love to play basketball in your backyard or indulge in gym classes at school. Some children tend to like more offbeat things like sword fighting, fencing, karate, kick boxing. If your child is one of them, encourage him/her to go that extra mile because physical activity no matter what is immensely beneficial for your child’s physical health.

2. Read Every day:American Academy of Pediatrics states that regular reading should start by the time the child is six months old. Reading will not only sharpen the child’s intellect, but also the vast knowledge that he will acquire from books will help him in every sphere of life.

3. Check Labels before Purchasing Products:Instead of focusing on materialistic things like clothes and their labels, teach your children to pay attention to the labels on food packets. Let them know that before purchasing any food related product especially if it is processed food, they should check the back cover and examine everything from the amount of calories to the date of manufacturing and best before date.


4. Don’t skip Breakfast:There is a reason the food that we consume in the morning after waking up is called breakfast. Breaking the fast after 7 to 8 hours of sleep is crucial for anybody and everybody. Teach them the importance of nutritious and healthy food like oats, fruits, cereals, milk, and bread. Make sure that they are not having any junk food or too much chocolate for breakfast otherwise they might have to go to kids’ dentists.  

5. Make Eating Colorful:Eating the same old green leafy vegetables can be mundane and boring for your child. Try to incorporate a vast number of fruits and vegetables in their diet and educate them about their nutritional value. Make healthy salads for them and include prawns or chicken to make them taste appetizing. This will surely tempt your child to try out your handmade salad.

6. Spend Time with Friends:One of the main reasons of the importance of school is friendship. Home schooling may save you loads of time but it will surely not give you that experience of sharing a classroom with kids from diverse backgrounds. Children when they are little learn certain virtues like sharing, team work, cooperation, communication by mingling with other kids.

7. Not smoking, not drinking and not taking drugs:It is natural for a child to be curious about certain things especially alcohol, smoking and other intoxicants. Have an honest discussion with your child regarding this issue and make them understand the pros and cons of including such vices in one’s life. The best example would be if you yourself let go of these bad habits; this would inspire your child to follow your lead.

8. Have a healthy mindset:Enlighten your children about life and its various tests and obstacles.  Let them know that no matter what happens in life, you will always be there with them. Teach them the art of embracing positivity and letting go of negative thoughts.

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