Cold Weather Learning

If you’re in a part of the country that sees freezing temperatures, your kids may get cabin fever from being inside. Don’t let the colder weather stop you from making discoveries (or helping your kids learn). Here are some great winter-themed ideas for education and fun at the same time!

If it’s below freezing outside, see how long it takes water of different temperatures to freeze. You can also try water in the same temperature, but containers of different sizes and shapes (flat, tall, in-between) or colors (clear, white, red).

Bubbles will also freeze outside. Pull out the bubble wands and try it! Your kids will be able to see the ice crystals as they freeze. Use it to talk about the way that ice forms.

Nate J Frozen GrassHave you ever really looked at snow and ice? Take an outdoor walk with your kids and see how many different types of snow and ice you can find. Look for ice that has melted and refrozen, snow that is turning to slush, packed snow, fluffy snow, and so on. When you take the time to really look closely at every day objects, you’ll be amazed what you can discover, even as adults.

If it’s just too cold to get outside, or you live in an area without snow and ice, make your own. Try dissolving equal parts Epsom salt and water (add food coloring to make it pretty) and cool in the fridge for a few hours. You can also dissolve 3 parts sugar to 1 part boiling water (add sugar slowly so that it dissolves) then put in a jar with a string suspended from the lid to watch the sugar crystals form on the string. Mixing baking soda with shaving cream will also make a clay with a snow-like consistency. For some extra fun, drop in a bowl of vinegar to watch it explode!

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While you’re doing these things, don’t worry about making them intentionally educational. Just interacting with your children as they discover new things will help them develop new vocabulary and critical thinking skills, plus enhance their natural curiosity!

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  • Cascia Talbert , January 18, 2016

    What fun ideas, Bekah. I might try seeing how long it takes water to freeze at different temperatures with my kids. Today, the temperature is below zero, but I might wait for it to be a little more tolarable. Have a great week!

  • alissa , January 18, 2016

    Our biggest problem about the cold temps is the fact that we can’t just send our kids outside to play. Lately it’s just been too cold to play outside. The kids get stir crazy being indoors. We’ll need to dig out some exercise DVDs, or something.

  • Bekah , January 18, 2016

    It is really cold here too; we got a mini trampoline several years ago and it really helps! The girls also like my exercise ball, and skating around on giant furniture sliders.

  • Cascia Talbert , January 19, 2016

    Trampolines are great. I bet they have a lot of fun on the furniture sliders.

  • Cascia Talbert , January 19, 2016

    My kids don’t like being stuck indoors either. Putting on exercise DVDs is a great idea. Thanks for stopping by, Alissa.

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