How To Take Care Of Your Skin All Year Long

You might think that you should only take care of your skin during the cold winter months, but this is not the case. In fact, skin care is a full-time job, one that has to be undertaken regardless of the season. If you want to enjoy a healthy-looking appearance for as long as it is possible, it is highly important to protect your skin against the damage of the sun and not just in the summer. Apart from that, it is worth mentioning that each season comes with its own set of pre-requisites.


#1. Winter

Let’s start with winter, as this season brings the highest risks for a dull complexion. During the cold season, you might protect your skin using protective clothing, but that might not be enough. The lack of sufficient moisture can have damaging effects on the skin, so you can start by applying a rehydrating cream on a daily basis. Apart from that, you will want to apply a cream that is rich in nutrients to the hands. Also, make sure to wear gloves, this is one of the easiest methods to protect your hands.
Just because it is winter, this does not mean you should not wear sunscreen. This is especially valid in the situation it snows, as this can reflect the UV rays and cause even more damage to the skin. It is also important to apply protection to the lips during the winter, so as to reduce the risk of cancerous growths. The lip balm that you use should have a high SPF, so as to guarantee the desired protection.

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#2. Autumn

Even though the autumn temperatures are not as reduced as they are in winter, this does not mean that the skin does not suffer. Autumn can be quite windy and all that dry air will certainly have a negative effect on your skin, causing it to lose moisture. Caring for your skin in autumn requires both exfoliation and moisturizer, as you want to recover from the summer sun (not to mention the effects of chlorinated pool water).

Even though the sun is not as powerful anymore, you should still use a lip balm with SPF protection.  For the rest of the body, it is recommended that you transition from lotions to creams. You need to ensure for your skin the level of hydration it needs for the autumn season. Do not forget about the hand cream and the sunscreen, as these are must-haves for all the seasons.

#3. Spring

Spring means more time spent in the open outdoors, which also means that you will have to consider the adequate skin care. First and foremost, you have to choose all of your skin care products according to your skin type. You will also have to purchase a sunscreen lotion with a corresponding sun protection factor. In the situation that your skin type is fair, you might also want to schedule a visit to a dermatologist and discuss more about how you can protect your skin, regardless of the season. And, remember, sunscreen should be maintained at all times, no matter if it is sunny or cloudy outside (the UV rays can still penetrate the clouds, damaging the skin and leading to premature aging). Also, the sunscreen protection for the face should always have a higher SPF, as the skin has a higher level of sensitivity to the sun.

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#4. Summer

During the summer, the sun’s rays are the strongest. Don’t spend too much time out in the sun tanning without proper protection. In order to have a beautiful skin, you need to apply sunscreen lotion, with at least SPF of 30. If you are swimming, make sure your sunscreen is waterproof.  You should also protect your skin by wearing protective clothing during the hot summer days. A broad-rim hat, light clothing made from cotton and sunglasses can ensure the necessary protection against the harmful effects of the UV rays.

These are the basic skin care measures that you have to take according to each season. If you follow these simple recommendations, you will enjoy a healthy-looking skin, no matter what time of year. Make sure you always use a moisturizer with SPF protection.  And remember that a regular visit to the dermatologist is essential, so as to ensure that your skin is healthy but also to receive practical advice regarding all-year skin care.


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