5 Simple Ways to Get Back Your Lost Shape Post Pregnancy


Don’t let your post pregnancy weight affect your mood! If your goal is to shed the fat and tone up, patience, determination and positive thinking are your key ingredients. While celebrity moms seem to get into shape just a few weeks post delivery, experts have stated that this may not be the best for lactating mothers. To make your weight loss journey easier, here are 5 points you can get started with.

Fad, extreme diet plans are definitely not the way to go if you’re breastfeeding. Mothers that are breastfeeding need to consume about 2700 calories daily. Fad diets do not provide an essential nutrient that the body requires which also affects the quality of milk that is produced. On a more positive note, mothers burn plenty of calories by breastfeeding. Even mothers that do not wish to breastfeed should aim at losing weight slowly, say the experts.


Exercise is a great way to stay healthy and it also helps those that suffer from postpartum depression. If you’ve had a complicated delivery, then check with your doctor if and when is a good time to begin. Begin with mild workouts or you can even take your baby out with you on a stroller. Whatever exercise routine you pick should make you feel better and not worse. Once you gain strength and improve your stamina, you can begin strength training and mild core workouts (if you’ve not had a c-section) as the abdominal muscles are neglected during pregnancy and need to be worked on most post delivery. Avoid any strenuous activity which could put pressure on your joints like jogging, jumping etc.

Erratic sleep timings and insufficient rest periods is normal due to the baby. But this leads to low energy levels and sugar cravings to keep up the energy required during the baby’s waking hours. A simple way to avoid these issues is by napping with your baby.

Natural weight loss remedies
Weight loss drinks and energy drinks may have plenty of ingredients that are not suitable for the body post pregnancy. There are many natural, healthy drinks that you can make at home to aid your weight loss.
1. Green tea helps in fat reduction and can be sipped on throughout the day.
2. Apple cider vinegar can be added to hot water which has fat burning properties.
3. Another fat burning recipe is honey and lime in hot water.
4. Add foods like tomato, cucumber and celery to your food.

Watch your calorie intake
Refrain from unhealthy snacking like chips, pretzels and sodas. While you could get away with it during your pregnancy, continuing to do so will not help you lose weight. But don’t resort to a fad diet plan either. Instead, create a healthy diet plan for yourself and include the following tips in it.
1. A big, healthy breakfast to kick starts your days.
2. Protein enriched foods like fish, chicken and beans which reduces hunger.
3. Remember to space out your meals, as eating smaller meals in short intervals is less likely to store fat.
4. Include fresh greens, whole wheat products, fiber foods like nuts and low-fat dairy products in your daily food intake.

The post pregnancy period should not be stressful for you. You can spend plenty of precious time with your baby while following these simple tips and you’ll be on your way to your pre pregnancy shaped in no time. Make sure you consult your doctor or health care provider before you begin a postpartum weight loss and exercise program.

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Bill Brown is the person who is health conscious. He likes to be healthy and fit so always keeps himself updated about the recent health care tips. He mostly uses home remedies to stay healthy. He is a good advisor and he keeps suggesting people about fitness tips, and skin care. For more information visit:  www.portlavacadentistry.com

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