Make Dental Care fun for Kids with These Stunning Dental Discoveries

brushing-teethGood oral health is extremely important for kids and they should be taught to take care of their teeth and gums from an early age. Most adults shun away from this task because the very idea of taking care of your teeth and all that dental hygiene sounds boring, and so they wonder if the child will even pay heed to their words. But you MUST teach your kid to fight against oral problems because cavities and tooth decay are not good for the little one. First of all you need to set a good example and practice oral care yourself and then you need to train your child in the following ways which are not only fun but also the correct way to take care of those little teeth.
Make Brushing Time Family Time: Make it family time by getting into the bathroom with your child both in the morning after waking up and at night before going to bed. Interact with him while you both are preparing to brush your teeth. Play his favorite cartoon show on TV or promise him that you will play his chosen game with him after he is done brushing.
Special Brush and Special Toothpaste: You can keep your child interested in brushing his teeth by getting him a tooth-brush which is not only colorful but also reminds him of his favorite cartoon characters or superheroes like SpongeBob and Batman. Also, instead of that flavorless toothpaste, you can try out chocolate or strawberry flavored toothpaste. This will encourage your child to go and brush his teeth.
Books and Videos: These are a great way to both entertain your child and also make him brush his teeth twice daily. Get a children’s book which talks about oral hygiene. Make sure that it is filled with colorful images and the article or story is engaging enough to hook your child to it for a at least sometime. You can also search YouTube and show your child different videos where people are talking about the importance of brushing one’s teeth.
Keep track of Time: American Dental Association recommends brushing of teeth twice a day and in order to take a cue from them for your child, you can take the help of a two minutes and timer. Give that to your kid and let him know that he is in total control of the sand timer and he can flip it when he starts brushing. This will give him a sense of independence and motivate him to brush for at least two minutes.
Dentist Visit Surprise: When your child is small and his teeth are just forming, you need to keep in touch with his dentist and make sure that you visit him with your little one at least every six months. Now, most children detest going to the doctors and chances are that your child will be among them. If that is the case, you can take him to the park prior to the appointment or maybe plan a picnic with his close friends and their mothers after your appointment is over with the kid’s dentist.

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