Four Great Snacks for Pregnant Moms

Pregnancy boosts up your appetite leading you to nibble every now and then. You are no longer just eating for yourself now, but also for your unborn baby – which in turn makes you long for frequent snack session. However, you have to be careful about what you consume these days and a calorie-rich burger or French fries might not be a good idea when you are expecting. You need to learn how to eat right while pregnant.  As a responsible would-be mom, your focus should mostly be on healthy snacks, and don’t worry, healthy nibbles can be tasty as well.

Here is the low down on four great snacks for pregnant moms.

1. Apple with cheese


While apple is itself a great snack just imagine the ecstasy of topping it with lip-smacking cheese! It could be any form of hard cheese such as Swiss or cheddar. Pregnancy calls for high dose of fiber, especially when you are down with the typical morning sickness, which is so usual in the 1st trimester. In such a situation, a good lot of fruits and veggies would ensure a healthy diet for you. One medium apple is enough to supply over 4g of fiber and just contains 95 calories. Moreover, the pectin present in apple skin enhances digestive health. Pregnant moms also need a fair share of calcium and 1 ounce of cheddar cheese alone can supply 20 percent of the daily calcium requirement.

2. All-natural beef jerky


You can go for all-natural beef jerky as it comes from only grass-fed-cattle that have not been treated with antibiotics or hormones. The all-natural factor has freed the jerky from MSG or harmful nitrites making it a super-safe delicacy for both you and your little one. The best part is that organic beef jerky is rich in proteins and vitamins; just the thing you need when you are pregnant. It’s also easy to digest.

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3. Greek yogurt


Greek yogurt is a favorite of many pregnant moms given its enriched protein content. You will get 14 g protein with every 5.3 ounce of yogurt. Moreover, it comes stuffed with probiotics that ensure a solid digestive system. And who can say “no” to that utterly palatable smooth creamy texture?

To make your yogurt experience even more interesting, add-on some fresh blueberries that can offer 4 g fiber and an excellent antioxidant boost. What about some chopped walnuts? Yummy, isn’t it? Yes, and healthy too, as walnuts promise a good dose of B vitamin biotin, 1 g of fiber and great Omega-3 fats.

4. Tortilla with tomatoes and hummus


You will need one tortilla (whole-grain), half-cup cherry tomatoes (halved) and quarter cup of hummus. When you crave something really savory in between lunch and dinner, nothing can beat this tortilla snack. Just add the tomatoes to the tortilla and simply top them up with the sumptuous hummus for a lip-smacking treat. Tomatoes assure low calories and an amazing volume of beta-carotene that’s good for a strong immune system. Hummus (quarter of a cup) promises 3 g protein 1 mg iron, and 2 g of fiber.

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