How To Take Care Of Hair In Winter

Winter_Hair_Care_TipsThe winter season is not always kind to our follicles. As a result, we must take additional precautions when it comes to caring for our hair. You can save money on a number of haircare items by using Target coupons from Discountrue, so keep reading in order to learn more about how to take better care of your hair during the winter time!

1. Keep Hair Covered

All you need to do to keep your hair covered and avoid the dreaded hat head is to wrap the hair with a silky scarf before putting the hat on in the morning. This cuts down on static and lessens any potential damages. Some brands also offer special cosmetics that can be used on the hair to decrease the occurrence of static.

2. Don’t Wash The Hair Too Often

Excessive washing of the hair will only serve to strip the follicles of their natural moisture and cause the hair to become dried out. Additionally, you’ll want to make sure that you are always drying your hair before leaving the house each day. Otherwise you may catch a cold and it also leads to further damage to the hair when it becomes brittle and dried out due to the exposure to the elements.

3. Trim The Hair Regularly

Hair should be trimmed during the winter months every six to eight weeks for optimal follicle health. A light dusting of the ends greatly reduces the risk of developing split ends that are excessively dry.

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