Simple Ear Wax Removal

I love to listen to my favorite music while I work out or go for a run.  But, the icky, sticky ear wax gunk that accumulates on my ear buds is so annoying and disgusting.  When ear wax builds up in your ears it can cause all kinds of problems: discomfort, dizziness, ear ache, hearing loss, tinnitus, odor, itching and discharge. Ear wax is also the leading cause of hearing aid failure.  I always wondered how I could clean out the waxy build up in my ears without a visit to my doctor. I needed a simple ear wax removal system.

Using a cotton swab is risky and you may cause damage to your ear in the process.  I was foolish once and tried this method to clean my ears, but ended up with cotton stuck deep in my ear canal.  What I needed was a simple ear wax removal system.

Simple Ear Wax Removal System

In 1997, Teddy Garcia, MD, a doctor from Florida, developed an ear wash system for use in a clinical setting.  “About twenty years ago, I invented a product to remove wax from my patients’ ear canals.  We have been selling it to doctor’s offices ever since.  Later, we realized there was a demand for people to be able to clean their ears at home and not always have to go in for an office visit.  This is especially true for those with chronic problems.  That’s why we developed the Wax-Rx,” explains Dr. Garcia.

Wax-Rx Ear Wax Removal

Wax-Rx is a safe and effective at-home ear wax removal system.  It is made by the same family owned company that makes the number one selling ear wax removal system sold on Amazon and used in hospitals, doctors offices and clinics throughout the United States and Canada.

What is included in the kit:
1. an ear washer sprayer and bottle
2. one bottle of ear wax removal aid drops
3. three disposable tips
4. one ear basin
5. three packets of pH conditioning powder.

One Wax-Rx ear wax removal system contains everything you need for three complete ear washers.  This kit will save you time and money because you will not have to visit your doctor for the procedure. The Wax-Rx system is safe for anyone 12 and older to use at home.

Wax-Rx recommends that you use the following steps to get professionally cleaned ears at home.  First, prepare the ears with the ear wax removal drops which are specially formulated with Aloe and Chamomile.  Second, use the ear washer and very warm water to clean both ears.  Then, use the pH conditioning ear wash powder to rinse the ears to leave them feeling fresh.  The Wax-Rx can be used to clean sudden ear wax  build-up, or for periodic cleaning of the ear canal to prevent ear wax impaction, which can be caused by things like wearing ear buds, earplugs, hearing aids or even headphones.

For more information about Wax-Rx visit or follow them on Facebook and Twitter.

*This is a sponsored post brought to you by, Wax-Rx.

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