6 Essential Medicines Every Mother Should Keep in Their Homes

No matter how careful you are with your child, it is inevitable that they’ll pick up some small scrapes and bruises, have an upset stomach, or experience the common cold or flu. Minor illnesses and injuries are an inevitable part of life, but as a mother, the one thing you can do is make sure that the medicine cabinet in your home is well-stocked to deal with these problems.


6 Essential Medicines

Some of the essential types of medicines that should be in any medicine cabinet include:

Having painkillers such as paracetamol in your cabinet will help you to not only relieve minor aches and pains, but also deal with the symptoms of the common cold and counteract fevers. It is important to note that some types of painkillers (such as aspirin) may not be suitable for children – so be sure you have a ready supply of child-friendly painkillers.

Indigestion tablets
For dealing with cases of indigestion, often, all it takes is a simple indigestion tablet such as an antacid. Nowadays, antacids come in various forms, some of which are flavored chewables for children, or are soluble to make it easier for young children to take them.

In case of allergic reactions or insect bites, having antihistamines handy is always a good idea. Generally, these creams or tablets can be used to counter most of the symptoms you’ll get, including soothing rashes, alleviating itchiness, and helping with sneezing or a runny nose. However, it is important to know that some types of antihistamines can cause drowsiness.

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To prevent any scrapes or cuts from becoming infected, antiseptics are a must. All you need to do is clean the area with water and then apply the cream or liquid. Some antiseptics even come in the form of wipes, which can be conveniently applied when dealing with children.

Rehydration salts
If your child has a fever or diarrhea, then they’ll end up losing a lot of water and essential minerals. Having rehydration salts can help you to restore the normal balance and provide the minerals and fluid that your child needs.

Anti-inflammatory cream
Although painkillers can help deal with the pain from sprains or muscle pools, anti-inflammatory cream is far more effective and can be applied directly on the area. It should also help with the swelling and can allow the injury to heal that much faster.

As you can see, a well-stocked medicine cabinet with cold and flu tablets as well as other over-the-counter medications should give you everything you need to handle most of the common issues your child (and you) may face. Just be sure to always read the labels of any medication you administer to your child, and stick to the recommended dosage for children.

If in doubt, ask a doctor or medical professional for advice on whether or not the medicine is suitable for your child.

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