8 Fertility Superfoods

You’re well-aware that it’s smart to eat healthy, but were you aware that certain types of foods are thought to increase your chances for becoming pregnant? Most women today know that they must quit smoking and alcohol consumption when trying to conceive. However, very few pay attention to their diet, and they end up eating erratically. Believe it or not, some foods are fertility boosters. dietitians, doctors, organic food supporters, scientists and herbalists strongly believe that food is essential when trying to get pregnant. Here are a 8 fertility superfoods to help you increase your chances of conceiving.

8 Fertility Superfoods



Broccoli is an excellent source of vitamins and minerals. It packs great amounts of folic acid, which women already know it is vital to a strong, healthy pregnancy. Broccoli has increased quantities of vitamin C as well; vitamin C is great for a woman’s ovaries because it helps mature the eggs and foster ovulation. As for the folic acid, research has shown that it prevents health conditions such as Spina Bifida from developing. This is why we have included broccoli as one of our fertility superfoods.



Cabbage is another great superfood that might help boost fertility levels. It contains DIM (di-indole methane), a poly-nutrient that prevents fibroids (considered a main trigger for women infertility) and helps speed up estrogen metabolism. The poly-nutrient might also reduce the risks of developing another health condition in women, called endometriosis.



In our list of fertility superfoods we have included this delicious root vegetable. Some experts in the medical world believe that yams have in their composition a substance that might stimulate ovulation. It appears that this superfood contains phyto-estrogents, as well as dioscin, an all-natural form of progesterone. Fibroids and endometriosis, which cause major infertility issues in women, are connected to estrogen dominance. Experts claim that yams might help regulate the balance between progesterone and estrogen, thus boosting fertility.

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Avocados are an excellent of vitamin E; physicians argue that vitamin E is fundamental for sperm mobility. Additionally, it helps decrease sperm DNA defects, as well as additional imperfections that might trigger miscarriages. Increased vitamin E levels might help make sperm fertile, and thus increase a couple’s chances of becoming parents.

Egg yolks

eggs and toast

Egg yolks contain a high amount of choline, a substance that keep women’s tubes away from conditions like Spina Bifida or anencephaly. However, many women don’t include enough choline into their diet, or worse, don’t even know that it might help boost their chances of getting pregnant. This is why eggs are very important fertility superfoods for women.  Increase your daily consumption of boiled eggs, and enjoy the yolk as it is an excellent all-natural source of choline.


salmon (2)

Salmon is extremely rich in fatty acids, better known as omega-3s. It is an excellent type of fish that is easy to cook in many different ways. Salmon boosts fertility levels, providing that it comes from reliable sources. Women that have given birth before, may struggle getting pregnant again because most of the supply of fatty acids has already been consumed. Wild salmon consumed at least 3 times per week increases fertility levels. Furthermore, as opposite to swordfish and tuna – which are also rich in omega-3 – salmon doesn’t contain that much mercury.

Pumpkin seeds

Pumpkin Seeds

Studies have shown that pumpkin seeds contain a lot of zinc. This helps develop healthy sperm, as well as boost egg development. Adequate amounts of zinc are necessary for both men and women attempting to have a baby because it helps with normal cell division. If you are looking for fertility superfoods for both men and women grab a bag of roasted pumpkin seeds.  As for other types of foods rich in zinc, we should also mention peas, oats, almonds and rye.

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Leafy greens

green salad

There’s no secret that leafy greens are vital in our everyday diet. They contain a lot of iron and folic acid; two substances that might also help boost fertility levels, as well as prevent the development of certain birth defects. The folic acid and iron contained in leafy greens promote healthy egg and sperm development. Iron helps create a sturdy endometrial lining; which helps the zygote to attach successfully to the uterus and develop properly for the following 9 months.

There are numerous other foods that might help women get pregnant and have healthy babies. While it is important to adhere to a healthy diet, you might also consult a physician to recommend you some supplements. Online vitamin and all-natural supplements might help fill in the gaps, and give your body the boost it needs to remain pregnant.

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