Fighting Hunger in America

Fighting hunger in America has been an ongoing battle for many years.  According to Wikipedia, in 2011 16.7 million children in the United States were living food-insecure households.  This means that their parents were having a tough time affording to buy enough food to feed their family.  When children don’t get enough nutrition it can lead to more severe physical and psychological health problems.

Food pantries and other charity organizations around the U.S are working hard to help feed hungry children and families in need (learn more information at  There is still much, much more that can be done to help fight hunger.  My children and I have volunteered at our local food pantry.  We also donate to the food pantry when our church holds a food drive.  Volunteering and donating are wonderful ways individuals and families can help feed the hungry in their local community.  We can also support companies that help local food pantries and work hard at fighting hunger.

Eat Feed Love Taste Club

Eat Feed Love is an online pantry that specializes in Artisan and Gourmet products. For each item sold they feed someone in need. Fighting hunger is their top priority.

How Their Taste Club Works

When you sign up for a taste club box  you’ll receive a delicious box of goodies delivered to your doorstep every month. Each box is packed full of hand-selected artisan products from all over the world, assembled by the Eat Feed Love kitchen team.

Each month, they select their favorite flavors to share with you. Your delivery will include a variety of spreads, condiments, jams, honey, syrups, cooking sauces, oils, vinegar, salts, spices, seasonings, chocolate and cocktail mixers. In March I received the following in my Taste Club box:  MTRose Drinks Bloody Mary Mix, Laguna Salt Company Malted Vinegar Hand Crafted Sea Salt, Wilder Condiments Horseradish Mustard, Bob’s Red Mill Caraway Seeds, Righteous Felon Craft Jerky All Natural Beef Jerky, Spice Station Arrowroot and assorted Irish recipes.

Fighting Hunger

Fighting Hunger with Eat Feed Love

Not only is every box filled with delicious goodies, it’s also a great way to give back! Every month, Eat Feed Love teams up with a different organization or charity that they feel is doing important work. Then they share the proceeds with that organization or charity. We all need a little extra love sometimes, and this is a great way to help.

Some of the excellent organizations Eat Feed Love has partnered with include World Vision, Feed the Children, Canadian Food Grains Bank, Mercy Ships International, and Mustard Seed Outreach. They have chosen to work with charities who get aid directly to where it’s needed, with minimal overhead. Canadian Food Grains Bank contributions are matched by the Canadian government to make the donations even more effective. By partnering with great organizations they help to continue their efforts here at home and around the world. As a customer of Eat Feed Love you will also partner with those organizations that are fighting hunger! We’re all making a positive impact together.

For more information about Eat Feed Love, order a taste club box and learn more about how they are helping in the fight against hunger visit:

*Disclosure: I received a taste club box from Eat Feed Love in exchange for this review. All opinions are accurate and 100% mine.

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