Overcoming Intimidation

Overcoming Intimidation

As mom, I want to be an encourager to my family and friends and find inspiration from those around me. But the reality is, that oftentimes, I find myself intimidated when I should be inspired, and second-guessing myself when I should be encouraged.

When our children were newborns, I was vulnerable, physically exhausted and emotionally starved. Yet, I pressed on. Today, our kids are in school most of the day, but I get intimidated and overwhelmed with all that I have to do: preparing meals, keeping up with domestic duties, running a business and staying fit. Yet, I press on.

How do you overcome intimidation?

Believe in yourself!

Do a personal inventory, tell yourself you are a great mom and remind yourself that you accomplish a lot EVERYDAY! When you wake up in the morning, put your best foot forward, know in your heart that you are a strong mom and face the challenges that come your way. Sometimes you need to get knee-deep in the water before you see the beauty that surrounds you.

Be prepared!

Newborns need diapers, and school kids need homework and backpacks. Like your child, you deserve to be well prepared. Organize and prioritize your day into 3-4 hour intervals because the “big picture” can be overwhelming and intimidating. Now that you believe in yourself, make a list, keep it short, be present in the moment and do the best that you can.

Have courage!

You can, and will, acquire the tools you need to achieve your goals and overcome intimidation. As parents, we invest in teachers, coaches and professionals to help our children reach their potential. Why do you doubt that you will reach yours? In Joshua 1:9, we are reminded, “Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged, for the LORD your God will be with you wherever you go.”

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Whether you are intimidated by fitness, motherhood or having enough energy to get out of bed, believe that you can, be prepared and have courage. Use this approach the next time you feel intimidated and see your life change!

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  • Sarah , September 28, 2016

    Very well said.. In fact being a new mom is exhausting since everything seems a little different from what we used to. And I’m definitely admiring mother’s who are vocal about parenting because your giving newly parents an idea what has to come in the future and this information is so to me too.

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