8 Natural Remedies for Your Skin

Having nice skin and achieving a great look doesn’t have to be expensive. Unfortunately, many women spend way too much money on brand name products designed to help their skin. Instead of doing that, you need to start thinking about natural remedies. There are many products you already have in your kitchen that can work wonders for your skin. Take a look at the following eight natural remedies for your skin.

1. Argan Oil

Argan oil is a great natural remedy for many cosmetic issues. In fact, Moroccans traditionally use unroasted Argan oil as a remedy for skin diseases. For cosmetics, Argan oil can be used to moisturize the skin. You can use it as a moisturizer like you would use any other moisturizer. You can also use Argan oil to heal burns. This makes it extremely useful during the summer when you may have received a slight sunburn. Argan oil is also effective at nourishing the hair. If you have damaged or broken hair, moisturizing Argan oil into the hair and onto the scalp can help rectify your hair and make it healthier.

2. Coconut Oil


Like Argan oil, coconut oil also has many beauty uses. Many women use coconut oil on their nails to help improve their cuticles. Coconut oil also has a nice healing power, which makes it extremely useful when you experience a sunburn. Coconut oil can also be used to remove makeup, as a body lotion, as lip balm, as shaving cream, to treat dandruff, and even as a deodorant. Basically, if you have any coconut oil lying around, you won’t find yourself facing any cosmetic disasters.

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3. Tea Tree Oil

Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree oil is extremely popular as a home remedy. One of the biggest uses for tea tree oil is to help moisturize damaged and dry skin. In fact, it’s so useful that many people actually use this product in order to treat acne. Another popular use for tea tree oil is on your hair. Not only will this product help give your hair a nice shine and keep it from becoming dry and damaged, but tea tree oil is also known to prevent lice, which makes it extremely beneficial for small children.

4. Aloe


Most people only think of aloe when they need to soothe a sunburn, but aloe offers more than just sunburn treatment. Aloe is actually a great moisturizer, and it’s extremely effective. Place some aloe on your skin at night, and you’ll find that your face and your body are rejuvenated.

5. Avocado


It’s tasty, but it’s also beneficial. If you mix avocados with plain yogurt and honey, you’ll find yourself with a very impressive DIY facial. Apply this mixture evenly to your face let it sit for about 10 minutes. After you remove it, you can use your normal moisturizer. When you do this, you’ll find that your face looks and feels younger. Plus, if you were to get any in your mouth, you’d be okay, as it is quite tasty.

6. Baking Soda

Baking Soda

You may know that baking soda has a lot of good uses in the kitchen, but it does for your looks too. Instead of spending money on facial scrubs, simply mix baking soda with water. This will create a nice scrub that will remove all dead skin and help to exfoliate your face. Plus, baking soda has natural antiseptic properties, so if you use this as a facial scrub, you’ll actually ward off breakouts before they occur.

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7. Lemons


You may think that the acid in lemons would do more harm to your body than good, but that’s not the case. In fact, lemons are actually beneficial to your skin when you’re dealing with dry patches. Most women know that elbows and heels can become rough, but instead of living with it, use a lemon. By simply rubbing a lemon on these problem areas, you’ll notice that your skin starts to become less dry. The best part? You’ll actually start to notice this skin change immediately.

8. Ginger Ale

ginger-ale-947901_640It may sound weird that a soda pop is good for your body, but it’s true. While it may not have any magical powers if you drink it, ginger ale can do wonders for your nails. If you suffer from brittle yellow-colored nails, let ginger ale help. Simply soaking your fingers in the ginger ale for five to ten minutes can help rejuvenate your nails and bring them back to the normal color they deserve.

Instead of spending hundreds of dollars at the beauty store, simply raid your pantry and use these natural remedies to get the look you deserve.

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  • Sarah A. , September 28, 2016

    Cool!! I have heard a lot of remedies whether it can be as natural as this or some cosmetics. But nature does its works! And as for me I am more of a nature treatment other than some cosmetics because I’m a little scared of the chemicals there is.. but of course it needs patience and extra effort to do it naturally but I don’t mind!

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