Authentic Shilajit Black Resin Is Expensive And Worth Searching For

Legends state that when the Asian and Indian continents collided in ancient times, the natural world was prompted to release substances in plant and mineral sources that combined the healing attributes of both land masses into a singular formation. The resin known as Shilajit was bestowed to mankind by the earth forces. This combination of minerals and oils became a healing standard amongst the ancient people of the Indian continent. It is still available in the modern world, but many impostor substances permeate the market.

Himalayan Mountians

Shilajit is a tar-like suspension collected from rock formations in the Himalayan hills. The origins of this miraculously potent substance are unknown, and they are localized to a specific region in the mountains between India and the great Himalayan range. The black viscous tar seeps through fissures in the rocks and contains immensely dense ratios of beneficial mineral elements like vitamins A, B, C, P, and minerals like cobalt, nickel, zinc, manganese, and iron. The natural expulsion of this black suspension has intrigued people for centuries. To the native people in the Indian Himalayan region, Shilajit retains a place of importance in their healing arts, and is only recently being widely marketed to a wider consumer base.

Shilajit is very rare. For this reason, it is often faked in certain consumer markets. It’s very easy to create a black goo with dyes and grocery store-grade mineral additives. Only vetted Himalayan sources can guarantee the purchase of Shilajit that is authentic, containing the properties of rare mountain elemental minerals. Though certain consumer outlets promote fake Shilajit products for extremely cheap prices, it should be understood that obtaining true black Shilajit is an opportunity that requires a considerable investment. This is one supplement that modern people should consider a luxury, and be prepared to pay great amounts for.

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The biggest draw of authentic Shilajit gel is the concentration of fulvic acid. Fulvic acid is a unique nutritional compound that is created by the natural process of plants disintegrating into basic molecular acids. These acids help organisms use water and other essential minerals to bolster cellular and growth functions. This means that the abundance of fulvic acid found in real Shilajit has the power to help any person better use the elements ingested with daily nutrition. It is a virtual food and supplementation “booster.” This is why knock-offs of true Shilajit are so prevalent.

Fulvic acid is presently being researched by leading brain science institutions regarding it effects on brain health. This simple, yet rare black substance is being touted as one of the finest naturally-occurring examples of a compound that can radically influence the function of the human brain. Evidence suggests that toxicity levels in neural pathways, including those that directly affect brain function, can be influenced by the introduction of dietary fulvic acid. Pure fulvic acid is very difficult to find in most food sources, but is abundant in its primal form in Shilajit. This is why Shilajit is so treasured by medical communities and natural remedy specialists all over the world. The basic elements contained in Shilajit may hold the key to preventing some of the modern world’s most dreaded diseases. This includes Parkinson’s Disease, Alzheimers, Kreutzfeld-Jacob disease, and the various common forms of dementia.

One of the best ways to determine if a Shilajit supplementation product is real is the form in which it is marketed. Most Shilajit products are offered in a powdered form. This is a nearly foolproof way of determining whether the product is real, or made from substitute sources. Powdered Shilajit products are a combination of vitamin extractions and digestive transport aides. The powdered form is a marketing technique based on water solubility, but is not authentic. The most authentic form of real Himalayan Shilajit is a resin similar to beeswax. Pure Shilajit is jet black, very thick, and resembles the thickest type of cosmetic paste. Very small amounts are extremely expensive, but are guaranteed to contain highly potent combinations of Himalayan minerals and beneficial substances like fulvic acid.

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Shilajit resin authenticity is monitored by US and international product standards, and possess labeling that distinguishes it form other products claiming to have similar human body function efficacy. The best way to tell if a Shilajit product is authentically Himalayan is by its price and form. Highly potent Shilajit is almost always fake if it is marketed as a “dissolveable powder,” or is cheap compared to other mineral supplements. Real Shilajit is always sold in small quantities, offered in a thick original resin suspension, and priced according to market rarity commodities.

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