To Breakfast, Or Not To Breakfast: That Is The Question

We are wildflowers in the meadows of life. So many plants, so many animals, all belong in God’s environmental bouquet. The colorful shapes of Nature breed miracles on Earth. These blossoming routines are timeless, making evolutionary movements in every moment. Surviving in cities, it’s hard to comprehend, surrounded by today’s artificial existence. We are one of the wildflowers, genetic relatives in so many ways. The Bonobo’s genome is 99% identical to ours; only their appearance is this 1% difference. Every being resonates in our Creator’s mental, emotional and physical make-up.


The sunshine rises and sets; the days have nights. The twelve moons and the four seasons make our year. Natural life is about rhythms and cycles. The trees loose their leaves in the fall; their flowers fruit in the summer. It’s the same for animals, reproduction occurs the same time every year. The planet’s cycles are billions of years old. The most important rhythm is our twenty-four hour cycle. Consuming energy with nutrients is our “inner” time for nourishment, opposite our “outer” period for eliminating cellular waste. Digestion is a powerful response to food. Equally powerful is our cleansing function. The two processes keep our mind and body healthy.

Breakfast means, to break a fast.

Breakfast means, to break a fast. A baboon in the wild eats its energy and nutrients in a four-hour period, with an hour or two more, completing the digestion. Then the animal fasts from food until the next day. That meal is a “breakfast” regardless of the time of day. Most mammals, including the Kalahari Bushmen and their families, who humanity is descended from, consume their daily nutriment in a few hours and then fast till the next day. These consumption and elimination periods maintain our physiological harmony and biochemical balance.


Look at these meals, some are heavy and others are light. The heavy meals take a long time to digest and the light ones very little. Heavy foods make us heavy and light foods make us light. Heavy foods are man-made, making us acidic and sick. Light foods are created by Nature, making us alkaline and healthy. This is not rocket science. Our hearts know what to choose. It is not difficult to change when our egos are disciplined. Addicted behavior fears the discomforts of the healing process. Like a misbehaving child, we must compassionately love her or him more to stimulate healthier behavior.


“When you know the ways of Nature, you know the will of God.” I understand God and Nature does not want anyone to be unhealthy. Contemporary humankind, since electricity and other modern inventions, doesn’t think it is part of Nature anymore. This is our only mistake. Our soul is here for an en-light-enment. Our out of control egos are here for an en-heavy-ment. It is more fun to be in the light. If you do not have any serious medical disorders, fast everyday. Start by eating within a twelve-hour period, then fast for twelve. It is easy to go without any food between 6PM and 6AM.

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