Breastfeeding: The Most Important First Step for a Healthy Adult Dentition


PrehistoricSkullExamine this photo of a prehistoric skull. How beautiful is its esthetic tooth presentation, complete with a set of thirty-two disease-free teeth. I have only seen this anatomical norm once from a patient born and raised, living in the jungles of the Yucatan peninsula of Mexico until he was thirty-five. The anthropological information states, breastfeeding for two to four years is the average and physiological norm for a human suckling. This beginning of nurturing and nourishment is the most important first step in creating a healthy adult dentition. The composition of the mother’s milk also influences her child’s growth and development at the beginning of life.

Breastfeeding Can Help Your Children’s Teeth Grow Properly Giving Them a Healthy Smile as an Adult

Doesn’t every mother want teeth like this for their children? This is what Nature intends for her human family. Understand a little about anatomy and physiology and how it works, during the growth and developmental period. To build muscles, everyone knows exercise is the only realistic way to accomplish getting stronger. It takes work when a child is nursing. Muscles have an abundant blood supply and bones do not. The more stimulation a muscle experiences, the bone the muscle is connected to directly benefits. This muscle stimulation influences the potential growth of the jawbones, making plenty of room for the baby’s teeth. The infant’s tongue and sucking functions are the primary energizing movers, shaping the dental arches. After weaning, Nature’s foods continue this coordinated stimulation and work process until we are full-grown.

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