The Bull’s Eye For Better Health

It’s easy to change our body’s biochemistry. Our mind’s heart directs this healthy transition. If we fail, blame our mind’s ego. Still a servant to its addictions, we are not the master of our life. The word “sin” has a Greek etymological origin. It’s an archery term for “missing the mark” or “missing the target” and it feels better than the “fire and brimstone” sentiments. Missing the bull’s eye is more common than hitting it. It means more practice is needed and has nothing to do with feeling guilty. Without our failures, we could not enjoy our successes.


Mrs. R wandered into a holistic fair and sat through a presentation on mammals, mother’s milk and teeth I was giving. She took my business card and made an appointment for a free consultation. I have a routine for every potential patient. I find out what an individual knows about bacteria, the disease process, body and mind stress and their effects on our teeth. After my monologue, I asked if she had any questions. She said, “Dentists don’t like me because I won’t give up eating candy.” I told her it didn’t matter to me if she ate candy. We talked a few more minutes. I thought I would not hear from her again.


Six or seven months later she called, ask me if I hypnotized her. At first, I didn’t remember who she was. The “I am the six candy bar a day lady” jogged my memory. I did not hypnotize you. Why would you ask me that? “Saturday after shopping, I didn’t buy any candy; thought you must have hypnotized me.” What have you done since we last met? “Everything made sense to me, trying to quit candy was a waste of time. It’s better to put energy into adding something good. The first week I added one fruit each day that looked good in color, smelled good, tasted good and didn’t give me gas. The second week two a day, up to five a day by the fifth week. Then you said to start a small daily salad with five ingredients, one being seaweed, with fresh lemon and olive oil dressing before my dinner. Now I don’t seem to like candy anymore.”

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There is a simple explanation. Our brain is responsible for our body’s well-being. Every cell communicates with our brain, telling it how each feels. This information is important, the brain uses it to breathe, drink and eat, to keep the cells happy. Our cells crave energy and nutrients and when they are not completely satisfied, they complain to the brain. Your mind made a small shift, letting your heart have more say. Our egos are like undisciplined children; I want candy is all they know. Listening to our hearts, exploring new territories, is fun and exciting. Your heart knew it wanted to improve your body’s health, making it easy to add foods that really satisfy.

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