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Chewing Your Food Can Save Your Life

Horace Fletcher was a wealthy industrialist in the late 1800’s when his doctor gave him six months to live. Eating at his favorite restaurant, he noticed he ate very hurriedly, gobbling his food with little chewing. Thinking of his short time to live, he decided to relish every last second left in his life. Chewing each mouthful of food 100 times before swallowing had interesting consequences, which healed Horace Fletcher of his chronic life-threatening condition.

Our mind and body benefit from a good habit of chewing our food well.

“Nature will castigate those who don’t masticate” was Fletcher’s famous saying and the press of his times nicknamed him, “The Great Masticator.” He authored several books on health and nutrition and was a popular speaker. In the early day of the nutritional sciences, he participated in research experiments at Vale University. His last book “Fletcherism: What It Is and How I Became Young at Sixty” popularized his chewing regime and a low protein diet.

The current physiology books acknowledge the importance of chewing for good digestion. With each chew of our jaws, saliva is pumped into our mouth. Along with the chewing, salivation is the first step in processing the energy and nutrients from our foods. When we are hungry, even thinking about food, we start to salivate. The more we chew the better will be our assimilation of nutriment into our blood stream. The pleasure from food is in the taste, while the food is in our mouth. The more we chew, the more we taste, increasing the pleasures of life. Our mind and body benefit from this good habit of chewing our food well.

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  1. Colette S June 14, 2016

    I would have liked to read more.
    It’s fascinating.
    I have been telling my kids to chew properly and not just cut and swallow.

  2. indah nuria savitri June 15, 2016

    I read about this before and the salivation process is good because the food we eat will be equipped with the necessary enzyme . Thanks for the article..

  3. Cascia Talbert June 20, 2016

    Some people don’t understand how important it is to chew their food. Thanks for stopping by, Indah. have a terrific day!

  4. Cascia Talbert June 20, 2016

    It is important to chew your food more. Thanks for stopping by, Colette. Have a fabulous day!

  5. Cascia Talbert June 20, 2016

    Glad you enjoyed this article. Thanks for stopping by, Indah. Have a great day!