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Evolution Then, Evilution Now

The human nation is a group of diverse people, planetary organisms considered part of an animal kingdom. We breathe, drink, eat, move, rest, sun and think with intelligence. These seven functions are required for life. Not the largest, nor the smallest of Nature’s creatures, one of many to survive life’s experiences. The microbe nation is a group of diverse microorganisms. They breathe, drink, eat, move, rest and think with intelligence too. Appearances project differences, within all, the same requirements are needed to exist.


These modern times are different from our prehistoric past. Humanity is no longer experiencing evolution.


Look at these past five hundred years, the changes, occurring to our planet’s environments. Life remains the same, needing to consume energy and nutrients to work and produce, eliminating the cellular waste. This balancing act of consumption and elimination is Earth’s harmony for unicellular to multicellular plants and animals alike. These modern times are different from our prehistoric past. Humanity is no longer experiencing evolution. “Evilution” is an unhealthy tangent for us contemporaries to travel.


Bacteria are found everywhere. They are opportunistic scavengers, which best describes these microscopic inhabitants of our globe. When harmony is out of balance, these creatures have a genetic program, which moves them to clean up the living environments of dead and decaying matter. In the mouths of animals find microbes in quite an assortment of shapes and sizes. During all of evolution these microorganisms lived in harmony with the teeth and gums of zoogenic life, including in the human mouth. We still see this harmony in today’s wildlife.

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Examine this Tasmanian devil; its teeth and gums are perfect. Now look at the mouth of this forty something patient before treatment. What happened to the human dentition? Prehistory gave humanity perfect teeth and gums too like any wild animal of today. What changed, affecting the balance of humankind’s oral cavity? A plain and simple answer, we stopped being the cause of our natural living lifestyle. Eating junk not resembling anything Nature ever created. This comes with unnatural non-evolutionary effects, which are evilutionary consequences.

What do you think?

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Dr. T.K. Stone

Dr. T. K. Stone fell in love with the dental arts as a dental laboratory technician in the US Army. Working with dentists inspired him to become one. Finishing very high in his class, he joined the faculty and later specialized at the same dental school. In private practice, he focused on TMJ disorders and complicated restorative rehabilitation cases. He was also invited to teach at another dental school. As a professor in the 1980's and 1990's, he published articles in health magazines on the mind and body connections, relating to the dental health of the teeth, gums and jaw joints (TMJ). The 1960's were a very inspiring decade for Dr. Stone as a teenager. Not only his passion for the dental arts was born, his other passion in life, mind and body health, flourished throughout these years from his ninth to nineteenth birthdays. His book, "The Fertile Ground" published in 2011, summarizes an understanding about this life. Our planet Earth, and Mother Nature, intends a healthy existence for all its creatures, free of the diseases commonly seen in today's humanity. This unhealthy lifestyle doesn't exist in our evolutionary past. Tooth decay and all the other degenerative diseases are not seen in our world's wildlife, not now or in the past. We are all related within the genetics of Nature's "Tree of Life." We all live and survive with the same natural laws, under the same sun. We humans take an unnatural direction, which has consequences. Why? Purchase "The Fertile Ground" by Dr. T.K. Stone on Amazon Today.