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My Favorite Oral Hygiene Technique Is Blotting


I learned a toothbrush is all that’s needed to disrupt the sticky “plaque” on teeth. This weakly bonded microscopic compost is bacteria, growing on food remnants, packed between the teeth and into the gum line during chewing. Today 80% of the decay and gum diseases are found there. The other 20% is located on the chewing surfaces of the back teeth. Decay is rarely seen on the side surfaces of teeth. These open faces are self-cleansing; no food can stick to these surfaces. The lips, cheeks, tongue and fibrous foods clean these exposed parts of our teeth.

Blotting is a Great Oral Hygiene Technique

“Harmony” is Nature’s law. All life forms live for each other and dental diseases did not exist in the past and does not exist for wildlife today. The reason is balance, which is constantly created. Evolutionary creatures adapt to their natural environments. An animal’s body has immunity and the saliva maintains the synergistic harmony of cooperation between the decomposers, the bacteria in an animal’s mouth, and their oral tissues. The problems for us, we are no longer evolutionary creatures. Our artificial lifestyle of processed food changes the genetic equation and the decomposers are growing at accelerated rates. Huge amounts of plaque with proportional acidic waste are a bacterial side effect. Our saliva cannot keep up and an imbalance is manufactured with disease consequences.

After each meal, remove leftover food from our oral tissues. It’s time for oral hygiene to come out of its closet, out from behind closed doors. “Blotting” is a technique developed by this kids dentist, Dr. Joseph E. Phillips. The purpose is to remove plaque where it is mostly found. It is not a tooth brushing method; brushing bends the bristles of a brush. Blotting aims the bristles directly, straight at and into the plaque. It is done with a “dry” toothbrush. It is not a complicated method; in fact, it is the simplest one to understand. Toronto dentists recommend it too.

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Create a consistent routine; do the same thing every time. With my right hand, I start with the upper back right teeth. I blot, push and tap the bristles directly at where the tooth and gum meet. With a slight angle, towards the gums and spaces between the teeth, I move one tooth at a time to the front. I switch to my left hand and do the left side. I move to the bottom teeth and do the same thing from left to right. Then I do the inside surfaces of the teeth. Some people clean the tongue, inner cheek and lip tissues first. I clean them with the brush after I finish the teeth. If I am at home or the office, I finish with a rinse of salty water. I also clean my brushes with the same unheated sea salt “salty” water. Personally, I think toothbrushes need to be in a glass on top of the dinner table.

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