God Created Everything, It Is Very Good


Gaze across an African savannah and see one hundred thousand different organisms. Animals are good for each other and their environment. Look at a square inch of any visible surface and visualize one hundred thousand different microorganisms. Germs are good for each other and their environment. Nature’s law is “harmony” for the plants and animals of our terrestrial world and for the microscopic creatures of an invisible realm we cannot see.

God Created Everything And It Is Very Good

In 1858 Louis Pasteur published his research findings on fermentation, the evidence needed for a “germ theory.” Others deepen that understanding saying, “Germs do not cause disease, they are the results of the environments they grow on.” In 1859 Charles Darwin published his evidence for the theory of “evolution” and natural selection, with the idea of the strongest survive. Others elaborated saying, “It’s not the strongest that survives, nor the most intelligent. It’s the ones most adaptable to the changes in their environment.” Why is contemporary humanity not resonating with the rest of biological life and the Earth’s natural evolutionary health?



Examine the dentition of these two wild mammals. One has a predominately plant-based (herbivore) lifestyle and the other a mostly animal-based (carnivore) lifestyle. Notice how beautiful their teeth are. Realize they never brush, floss or use toothpaste to keep their oral tissues disease-free and healthy. All animals have germs in their mouths. Microorganisms work to clean their environments. These creatures perform the “dust to back to dust” functions everywhere on Earth.



Adapting to any environment is Nature’s command and when a species cannot, consequences happen, like the diseases affecting modern humanity. The genetic, evolutionary and environmental variables establish health as the norm for the Earth’s wildlife. When our lifestyle is opposite to our planet’s heredity, we take the word “live” and spell it backwards. The result of this reverse spelling manufactures our contemporary world, which is not resonating with the rest of biological life and our planetary healthy lifestyle. This “evil” lifestyle is an antibiotic way to survive.

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