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The Heuristic Life: Your Way To Health

Encourage yourself to learn, discover and understand living on Earth, solving the problems of modernity and its artificial tangential ways of surviving. Life is more fun when we are a little hungry and our body is thoroughly cleaned after each night’s fast. Few behaviors feel better than a good bowel movement (BM) to start the day. Even my elderly carnivore cat gets frisky after his main litter box visit. He starts running around everywhere. A good BM means, “You are #1 in the #2 business.” In this modern world of constipation, this business of good daily bowel movements is keeping you healthy.

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Energy and nutrients are needed every day. Our bodily cells demand it or they cannot do their work. Called metabolism, every cell in our body works for this living. It is a supply and demand life at our microscopic levels, from unicellular bacteria to multicelluar whales, for all plant and animal organisms. Supply and demand metabolism has a third component, exhaust, being the waste products to be eliminated every day. We are familiar with urination and defecation. Our cellular purpose demands elimination of our daily waste.

Detox is a strong word.


Detox is a stronger word than elimination and a bit different too. The body is self-healing given plenty of energy and nutrients. It only needs time to fast, time away from digesting meals to cleanse. Henry Bieler MD published a great book in 1966, “Food Is Your Best Medicine.” The title is a quote from Hippocrates, the father of modern medicine, 2500 years ago. The problem with obesity is not eating too many natural foods, too many calories. Obesity is better defined as “toxic bloat.”

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There are substances we put on our skin, breathe, drink, eat and swallow, that are non-nutritive. Our cells and our body do not want them. Even drugs, listen to the TV commercials and their side effects. To maintain biochemical harmony in our bloodstream, the brain must store these non-nutritive toxic chemicals. Our genetic intelligence wants this stuff completely out of the body. If it can’t, the next best thing is a storage unit in fat cells for later disposal.

Eating heavy meals, taking many hours to process, too many times a day, prevents time for elimination and detoxification. Some of us in our civilization eat 24 hours a day. Their brain is never satisfied with real planetary energy and nutrients. These modern foodstuffs are not from Nature and will never satiate our brains. No matter what technology says, “You cannot fool Mother Nature.” When given the opportunity and time, our body will focus on this hoarding of chemicals to eliminate them. Catching up with these imbalances, we detoxify (deep cleansing) to create balance.

What do you think?

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