Mind/Body Chemistry 101


Dr. L is a licensed acupuncturist, master herbalist and a doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). Two on my patients, seeing her for treatment, referred her to my office. At the consultation, “My teeth bothered me all my life; no point fixing them, my ‘constitution’ destines me for false teeth.” In TCM the concept of “constitution” is like our “genetics” in western medicine; we are fated with the Eastern balancing karmas or the Western wraths from sin. Dr. L got my typical monolog. I asked questions to find out her knowledge; she is extremely bright. I respect the traditions of China and India; these healing practices are thousands of years old. Sometimes the obvious is overlooked.


At the end of playing twenty questions, I said, “I didn’t believe you are destined for false teeth because of your constitution.” Let’s take a plane trip to China; go on a car ride to a remote rural area and examine a rice farmer’s water buffalo. Would you say, that an animal is destined to lose its teeth because of their constitution. No animals on the planet, including humans, are destined to loose their teeth, not now or in the evolutionary past. “Your acidic lifestyle and your mental stress with TMJ symptoms will cause you to loose your teeth. How do you know I have TMJ? What acidic lifestyle? Do you have TMJ symptoms? Yes, why do you say, I have an acidic lifestyle. Do you have a dry mouth right now? Yes.


I pulled out some pH paper and tested my saliva. I told Dr. L the best times to test our saliva is when we get up in the morning, two hours before or after a meal, at bedtime or anytime we are upset. My salivary pH was 7.4 and when I tested hers, it was 6.4 in pH. In chemistry 101, the pH scale (0-14) measures the acidity (<7) or alkalinity (>7) of an aqueous solution. Earlier we talked about bacteria in the mouth. How we leave them food to eat after our meals, causing an acidic oral environmental problem that harms the teeth. Wild animals do not have dental problems because of strong mineral rich alkaline saliva, controlling their bacterial effects.

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Isn’t my saliva caused by my constitution? Dr. L, I would say it this way, “Your saliva is caused by your lifestyle.” What we breathe, drink and eat are major contributors to our body chemistry. Also, movement, rest, and sunshine are three more variables. Western science knows life needs these six ingredients to live. The seventh variable is the most important and the most stressful to our bodies, our mind. You can change your chemistry and its effects by addressing these seven variables, choosing their alkaline sides. Our bodies are programmed by our genetics, evolution and the natural environments to be alkaline. Living today with an artificial lifestyle causes acidity and only the planet’s lifestyle creates the alkaline biochemistry. Dr. L changed her chemistry in six months, which was amazing. Her opinion about caring for her mouth and keeping her teeth also changed.

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