Nature’s Foods Come With A KISS

Nature’s ways are simple. She lives by the “KISS” rule, “keep it simple, simple.” Good digestion will give you good health. Will good health give you good digestion? It starts with infant nutrition and for millions of years, we had only one choice, or better two, our mother’s breast. Raw, unpasteurized, unhomogenized milk is a “mono” diet for mammalian babies. A baby works hard with its little jaws, lip muscles and pressing tongue to squeeze the milk from the lactiferous ducts of its mother’s nipples.

Nature’s Foods Come With A KISS

The sucking action incorporates substantial amounts of the baby’s salivary fluids, mixing it in with the milk swallowed. This starts the digestive process, guaranteeing good digestion. Drinking of formula in a bottle is different. Not much work, sipping formula and not much saliva is ingested. Not to mention the fact a baby’s stomach gets filled up instantly. It is also common for Nature’s mothers to chew food and give it to their children, helping them wean. Carnivores carry pounds of meat in their stomachs, regurgitating it back from their stomachs at their dens for their pups. Inuit mothers, Native American Alaskan, traditionally made baby food by chewing raw meat, their exclusive diet.

Another fact about the mother’s saliva, it has important immunological properties, inoculating her child’s young immunity through physical contact with her saliva, like kissing and sharing food. Good digestion needs lots of salivary fluids. Think about food when hungry and our mouth waters. Every time we chew, the jaws pump saliva into our mouths full of food. Our brain interprets the foods eaten from the smells and tastes, to determine proper digestion. Foods are not all alike and require different digestive enzymatic properties for good assimilation. Protein foods are different from sweet foods. Protein foods can remain in the stomach for hours, where sweet foods, like a ripe Valencia orange, starts being absorbed in the mouth, finishing digestion in a few minutes.

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There are a few simple rules for good digestion. Common sense is the best. Nature’s wildlife does not go to cafeterias. We are still genetic, evolutionary and environmental creatures of this terrestrial planet. A banana has more protein in it than human mother’s milk. The largest chapter in my book, chapter 10, is about the interesting facts of Nature’s nutrition for all her animals. Modern eating is “tohubohu” and there is no better word to describe it.

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