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The New Straight Has Curves

I first became aware of posture when I was six years old. At dinner, my father angrily said, “Sit up straight.” I looked at him with curiosity and said, “Why aren’t you sitting up straight?” It wasn’t a happy ending; I never sat next to him again. A typical boy enjoyed all the sports. I loved to run and ride my bike fast. At ten, I worked delivering newspapers, bought my first surfboard at thirteen and started to snow ski at sixteen. Participated in high school sports; lettered in basketball and baseball. It wasn’t till I was nineteen to become aware of posture again.

Sit up Straight for Good Posture


2-PostureDrafted into the US Army in 1969 to be a combat medic, prayers changed that; I became a dental technician instead. I loved this artist’s job but when I looked at individuals working in the profession, I didn’t like what I saw. It appeared making teeth gives you a rounded back and shoulders with a forward-leaning head. I immediately started to look for ways to prevent that. The first thing I did was to sit in a chair without a back, reminding me to sit up. In dental school, I saw some of the worst backs ever with professors. I was the only student to use a stool for sitting when working in the lab.


Before dental school, I discovered a Japanese book called “Maka Ho” translated into English. The title means, “The Postures of Little Children.” I loved it and still practice what I learned, being an old rugrat on the floor. The Japanese culture inspired me to sleep on the floor too. At 67 years young, I surf, ski, snowboard and windsurf as if I am a teenager; I believe living on the floor is why. A natural diet and lifestyle is also helpful.

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These bad postures of children these days, I did not see this stuff when I was in grammar and high school. I have a strong opinion about sitting in chairs all day. No wild animal on the planet grows up this way. We need to reverse schooling. Recess and lunch would be sitting in chairs, book learning. Schooling ought to be about physical culture, during the growth and development ages. There are so many contributing factures, TV, technology, junk foods; this modern life, in genera,l is a bad influence. We no longer know what’s natural or how to be natural. Our bodies and minds suffer from ignoring Nature. No matter what the condition, life can change. There are so many avenues to explore. If you start a walking program for you and your kids, read or get guidance to walk correctly. You may need orthotics, arch supports, and real walking shoes. Healthy Moms know stilettos don’t work!

What do you think?

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