Water: The Universal Solvent

Nothing is as “right as rain.” Being a native Californian, it’s our state’s unofficial motto. For a skier and snowboarder, I love when it rains; it means snow. Three-fourths of the planet is saltwater and three-fourths of our body is the same. Human’s mother’s milk is 87% water and Mother’s Nature’s foods are like that, full of water. In my post-doctorate training, I kept getting letters from a “holistic” doctor. He wanted me to work in his office. Riding my bike to work every day, he asked me, why he didn’t see me drinking water. “Everybody needs eight glasses of water a day,” he said. I know this is popular, “what would a physiologist say” was my remark.

North America
North America


The Animal Body, Us, and our Planet is 75% Water





I understood I was getting plenty of water from the foods I eat. My boss may be over-working his kidneys. Paying attention to our thirst is important. For me, water is boring, except in the hot desert on a long hike. When I am thirsty, I prefer water in one of Nature’s containers, fruits, and vegetables. They have energy and nutrients as bonus ingredients.



My life, for years, even before that dental office, was an alkaline lifestyle. This means my dietary is alkaline in biochemistry. Nature’s foods are alkaline when eaten unprocessed. Even a carnivore’s diet is alkaline because its prey has an alkaline body, three-fourth, being water. Why do we see people carrying plastic water bottles everywhere, constantly sipping? This was not the fad when I was growing up. Today’s society is so much more acidic than fifty years ago. If you are not aware, almost everything one eats and drinks in this society is acidic. The popular acronym is SAD (standard acidic diet) and our teenagers think this is normal.

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Normal is what the majority of Nature’s beings on planet Earth practice, which is the genetic, evolutionary and environmental lifestyle of biological life. To be acidic is very easy; the mind’s ego breathes, drinks, eats and thinks acidic. Water is the universal solvent, dilutes and neutralizes excess bodily acids. To be alkaline is very easy; the mind’s heart breathes, drinks, eats and thinks alkalinity. When your urine is dark yellow, drink more water and when it’s light yellow, not so much. We are on this planet to make choices. With wisdom on how life works, we will choose to be healthy, breathing, drinking, eating, moving, resting and thinking what’s best for ourselves and for our children.

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