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Good For Body Good For Mind

Where are we, when we are between two thoughts? The body is with its senses, present in every sound, sight, touch, smell and taste of our life. If our mind is there at these sensual moments, we are being whole, enjoying this beautiful natural world of intelligence and sensuality. If not, our minds are off in some daydream of the past or future. Most of the time this dream thinking doesn’t amount to anything because the source is from our mind’s ego that likes to talk. The insights are different; they are from our mind’s heart, those instantaneous “aha” moments of intuitive understanding. We come back to our living from these moments with some new knowledge, our family and we benefit from.


Whether we are thinking about last night’s rendezvous or the workload at tomorrow’s job, the present moment is being ignored and this can be stressful to our mental balance. Ignoring the body’s balance is also dangerous. Daily we consume energy and nutrients and daily we rest. The body rejuvenates and cleanses itself with its nighttime fast. If we don’t give the body quiet time, an imbalance is created that’s not pleasant. As a child, I learned to give my ego mind a time out through prayer. I substituted prayer for all those crazy thoughts to get to sleep. In my teenage years, I learned to meditate, realizing early on, prayer is talking to God and meditation is listening. Psalm 46:10, “Be still and know that I am God.”


Creating a balanced mind and body is a wonderful way to live.


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Creating a balanced mind and body is a wonderful way to live. It requires just a little bit of discipline. If I have a problem, I first define it completely. Then I pray and meditate for a solution. This method never fails me. The timing of a solution is always a surprise. God has plans for us all and if you want to make God laugh, tell God your plans. When I was a teenager, relationships with girls was an unknown. I never like the double standards in our society and didn’t, on purpose, act like my male peers. At eighteen, I had a job as a janitor. My problem with girls ended, working at a high school. Cleaning the girl’s bathrooms, I found out they were just like males, only worse. The writings on the walls, not only made my jaw drop, they were hard to scrub off. This problem did not exist in the boy’s bathrooms. Because of this experience, friendships are the only real relationships that matter.


A daily fast is good for the body and is good for the mind. Keeping the mind’s ego quiet is easy and there are many techniques. My favorite is Siddhartha Gautama’s method. I pay attention to the temperature of the air as it enters and exits my nose and that is all. I can practice this anywhere and nobody knows, I am meditating and fasting my mind from thoughts.

What do you think?

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