100 Top Dad Blogs

We would not be moms if it were not for our children‘s fathers. Dads play a very important role in a child‘s upbringing. They teach their kids how to throw a ball, ride a bike, mow the lawn and how to show love and respect to women, most importantly, their mothers. Dads are hard workers and usually the main provider for our families. We are all familiar with Mom Blogs, but more and more Dads are also sharing parenting tips and a bit about their lives through blogging as well. Below is our list of 100 top Dad Blogs.

Dad and Son

100 Top Dad Blogs

  1. Life As A Divorced Dad
  2. Dad Of Divas
  3. How To Be A Dad
  4. Ask Your Dad
  5. Improvising Fatherhood
  6. Stay At Home Dad
  7. Total Bullgrit
  8. Out Numbered
  9. Natural Papa
  10. Papa Pt
  11. 20 Weeks Can
  12. Daddy Files
  13. Beyond The Car Seat
  14. Harpin Family
  15. Daddy’s In Charge
  16. Daddy Mojo
  17. Henry’s Blog
  18. The Weed
  19. Handzon Dad
  20. Owen Marcus
  21. The Guy Corner
  22. The Uber Dad
  23. Long Distance dad
  24. Helping Fathers to Be Dads
  25. Makes Me Wanna Holder
  26. Dadz
  27. Little M Long
  28. Become A Better Father
  29. Dada Rocks
  30. Josh Wood
  31. Dad Or Alive
  32. Dadapalooza
  33. Always jacked
  34. Ben Spark
  35. Mommy’s Busy
  36. I Hope I Win A Toaster
  37. Designer Daddy
  38. Carter Gaddis
  39. Dad N Charge
  40. How To Be A Dad
  41. Jaydon And Daddy
  42. Canadian dad
  43. Talking Dad
  44. Days Of A Domestic Dad
  45. Dad Logic
  46. Post Post Modern dad
  47. Amateur Idiot / Professional Dad
  48. Dad Does
  49. Dad On The Run
  50. Fan Dads
  51. father Of Five
  52. Jack B
  53. Luke I Am Your father
  54. dads Round Table
  55. Stay At Home Dad
  56. Dude Of The House
  57. Out With The Kids
  58. Ask Your Dad
  59. Daddy’s Grounded
  60. Growing Sideways
  61. Daddy Place
  62. Men Get Pregnant Too
  63. always Home And Uncool
  64. Stay At Home Dad
  65. Slouching towards Thatcham
  66. Reluctant Housedad
  67. Man Vs Pink
  68. The Dadventurer
  69. Junior Hipster
  70. Daddacool
  71. Inside Martyn’s thoughts
  72. Dad Blog UK
  73. The Dad Network
  74. Skint Dad
  75. 8Bit Dad
  76. DesignerDaddy
  77. Mr. Dad
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  • Paul LeBoeuf , July 29, 2017


    I was wondering how I might get my “dad” blog listed with you guys? It’s pretty new but off to a decent start. I post everything from my site to its Facebook page too: facebook.com/my5amstory Thanks!


  • Cascia Talbert , July 30, 2017

    You can list it in our free blog directory. Visit http://healthymomsmag.com/blog-directory

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