6 Emerging Healthy Food Trends You Can Try Today

The food industry, like most other sectors, is one that’s heavily dependent on and driven by consumer preferences. However, the desire to buy certain things usually isn’t present only by chance. More often than not, it comes about because of conscious and unconscious influences. Perhaps a person watches a morning talk show where one of the participants discusses what she believes is a new superfood. Or, maybe the urge to try a new healthy food manifests after an individual visits the doctor for a checkup and gets a tip about something to consume to get better energy levels without eating excess calories.

healthy food trends

If you’re in the mood to fill your diet with at least a few unfamiliar healthy things to eat, there are plenty of options. Many are easy to buy at the supermarket, or through online merchants, so you don’t have to disrupt your busy lifestyle for the sake of tempting your taste buds with different options.

Dehydrated Snacks

Beef jerky is arguably among the most recognized dehydrated foods. Although it’s convenient because you can take it on the go and not refrigerate it, this snack may not be an option for your family, particularly if your household has at least one vegetarian.

However, analysts say you can expect to see a much wider selection of dehydrated snacks in the months to come. Chips made from parsnips and pieces of dehydrated broccoli are just two of the many possibilities you might find in your area already. They’re great during busy days when fast food restaurants beckon, but you’re not willing to derail your healthy diet.

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Superfood Popcorn

Although popcorn is a cinema staple and healthier than some other salty snacks—especially if it’s air popped—it’s not regularly referred to as a superfood.

However, that may change soon, especially since a superfood popcorn debuted at a New York food show in late June. So far, you can get the gourmet popcorn in four varieties. Ingredients such as kale, turmeric, and spirulina ensure when you munch on these kernels, it’s still possible to be mindful of healthy eating intentions.

Beet-Infused Products

The tartness associated with beets sometimes causes them to be an acquired taste. However, many food manufacturers are trying to help people broaden their culinary horizons and realize beets aren’t just best left as salad bar fare.

Rich in minerals and antioxidants, beets are becoming available to consume in numerous creative ways. Beet juice blended with passion fruit extract is now an option to try, along with beet-flavored hummus, and even beet-infused sports beverages.

Bone Broth

This meaty liquid has been sipped since prehistoric times and praised for its bodily benefits that range from improved skin to better digestion. In trendy destinations like Washington, D.C., Los Angeles, and Manhattan, broth bars have popped up and made it simple for people to give this beverage a try.

However, you can also enjoy bone broth fast by purchasing it from places like Au Bon Broth and cooking the substance in your kitchen. Because the company offers free shipping throughout the United States, this method is convenient, especially if you don’t live near one of the restaurants that serve up this substance for patrons.

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Black Raspberries

Not to be confused with blackberries—which look very similar—black raspberries are frequently tapped as one of the hottest upcoming food trends. They contain a large amount of ellagic acid, an antioxidant. It’s thought to destroy cancer-causing free radicals, and may discourage cancerous cell growth.

Black raspberries also contain a significant amount of anthocyanins, which make the fruits have their distinctive purple hue. Anthocyanins have been associated with improved memory in older individuals. Research has also indicated they have a protective effect on blood vessels and promote lower blood pressure, along with good heart health.


Although well-informed foodies view algae as a healthy choice, it’s not yet something commonplace in today’s households. That may soon change, since food companies are looking at ways to incorporate algae into popular foods and simplify preparation methods. Algae is considered a healthy source of fat, and it’s rich in protein, so it makes sense why there’s a push to raise awareness among consumers about this worthy mealtime option.

Now that you’ve learned about several foods that are on the rise, hopefully you feel inspired about adding some or all of them to your family dinners. Many of the suggestions are also appropriate for between-meal sustenance.

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