From A Distance Imagine Heaven Or Hell

Thoughts are powerful and words create tension. Can you imagine what heaven is like? Can you imagine what hell is like? We mortals may be the only animals to imagine. An imaginative mind blossoms from a base of contemporary observations; an artist paints something we recognize. The joys and pleasures of heaven are juxtaposed to the sorrows and pains of hell. There is no need for an imagination; our modern planet portrays these good and bad experiences. Any thinking of hell comes from the impressions of our artificial world. Both heaven and hell are concepts, each is a “state of mind.” A little awareness of how life works creates God’s heaven on Earth. We won’t create hell, going against Eden’s human nature, if we know how life works.


Rest is a good starting point each day. To understand the difference between heaven and hell, first know the night with its darkness directs the day with its light. Science will not prevent a person from their mental and physical rest. Dream research and sleep studies learned very quickly, detrimental side effects occur when our daily rest period is radically altered. Psychological ill happens when our body doesn’t get enough rest. The mental descriptions of these illnesses define a hell on Earth. For our jaws and chewing muscles, rest is another example of heaven or hell. The rest position for the jawbones and their muscles is when the moist top and bottom lips touch lightly and the teeth of the upper and lower jaws are apart. From this rest position movements happen, genetic programs return us back to this rest position. Speaking, swallowing and chewing go in and out of the rest position. What happens when our bodies and jaws don’t get enough rest? All hell breaks loose from the pain and suffering we create, not knowing we are the cause.

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Heaven or hell is not a coin toss. As a teenager and impatient, I flipped a coin for a quick answer to a perplexing problem. I literally let chance decide my fate on the direction I needed to travel. One day my coin toss landed on its edge, the third side of a coin, leaning against a chair. A functioning body without pain is heaven and hell are the symptoms of TMD (temporomandibular joint disorders). Clenching and gnashing our teeth at night and in the day is not rest and the causes are both psychological and physiological. The effects are discomforts, pains to the head, neck, and shoulders and down the spine. Heaven or hell reveals another choice, the coin on its edge. The “neutral zone” is a rest position for both right and left jaw joints. From here, all possible functions allow opening and closing of the jaws. Rest is one of the seven variables for life, equal to breathing, drinking, eating, moving, sunning and our psychological heart stuff.


From our soul all functions of life take place. Many of us are not functioning from rest. Functioning from stress is a failure of our ability to cope. Our evolutionary ways are about coping, adapting to the environments with plenty of planetary energy and nutrients. Artificial coping is different from natural coping. Nature’s way is an earthly wonder, sharing the “continuum” of a plant and animal food chain. The Earth maintains balance with herbivores, carnivores and with the other plant supported beings of our world. Natural balance goes on between the seasons, continuously feeding each cell of DNA life. It’s so simple, “heaven” is God and Nature’s choice; “hell” is, just imagine.

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